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Best Bowling Shoes Reviews and Buyer’s Guide – Latest

You perhaps want to buy the best bowling shoes. But you are ambivalent about which one to purchase what to consider while buying shoes.

Bowling ball is an amazing sport that gives an extreme level of entertainment and joy. People love to visit the bowling alley in their leisure time and enjoy every moment.

You spend a precious moment with your friends, family, and siblings on vacations. But some people take this sport seriously and make it a career. Here it comes when they start making decisions about their bowling accessories.

A bowler and bowling shoes have a close relationship between them. A bowler may keep a pair of shoes but a professional bowler always keeps bowling shoes. Because bowling shoes are engineered to support the actual fitness and movement of the bowler.

When you play a perfect shot several factors work behind this shot. The movement before releasing the shot affects the whole performance. If you walk with the comfort you can gain the exact required moment to bowl the perfect shot. You cannot ignore your pair of shoes to achieve the ideal shots and impressive performance.

If an ideal pair of shoes can support your fitness and momentum then poor quality shoes can destroy everything. Confidence comes from inner comfort and strength.

Without wearing the shoes that are designed specifically for your bowling alley you cannot have that level of self-confidence. You release the ball with the highest possible speed and momentum and it’s only possible with the bowling shoes.

Due to this critical need for the bowling shoes, we have prepared a detailed guide that will help you to choose the bowling shoes in the market. The market is full of bowling shoes but you need to narrow down some requirements to choose the best.

Best Bowling Shoes Criteria:

If you are a beginner and had been using rental bowling shoes that cost high and offer low quality then it’s time to change your mind. You need to spend that money cycle on your bowling equipment and other accessories.

Therefore start with athletic shoes if you are a beginner and visit the bowling alley only once a week. Athletic bowling shoes are the best choice for you because they offer the comfort and predictability required to play ideal shots.

Professional bowlers who are serious to make a career in bowling ball need to take their choices higher than beginners. They value every single shot and movement. Therefore they should use performance shoes to start their golden career.

Performance shoes are ideally designed for bowlers. The performance shoes are available in different variations regarding size and comfort.

The bowlers can get their custom shoes according to their feet’ comfort level. The performance shoes also have interchangeable soles so that bowlers can achieve their ideal fit.

If you are a casual play who loves to improve his bowling score every day, the performance bowling shoes are the best fit for you. But if you bowl only for entertainment purposes with friends and siblings then start with athlete shoes.

Best Bowling Shoes Manufacturers:

You may find a lot of bowling shoes in the market available at different prices. But it is always hard to find the best one when several manufacturers are claiming to provide the quality product. We have listed the 10 best bowling shoes manufacturers ruling the market. This list is constructed based on customer satisfaction.

Best Men’s Bowling Shoes Reviews:

Dexter Bowling – Men’s – SST 8 Pro

  • Interchangeable sole
  • Leather toe drag
  • Full-grain leather upper
  • Left and right convertible
  • Maximizes your overall strength
  • Expensive

Dexter is one of the most trusted and reliable bowling shoes manufacturers. The brand has a huge list of premium quality bowling shoes for bowlers of different categories. Dexter makes the world’s most strong and reliable bowling shoes for league bowlers. They use high-quality materials to construct their shoes.

Imported leather is used to manufacture Dexter shoes to offer the required possible comfort and durability. Comfortable inner makes you release every short with perfect while the full-grain leather upper lasts longer than other shoes in the market. Its sleek looks make them an impressive choice for league bowlers. They can offer you the required strength and momentum to hit the pins.

When it comes to comfort Dexter wins your heart by offering an interchangeable sole construction. You can easily customize your slid to fit particular momentum and overall performance. While you release your shots the toe drag keeps your soles from peeling back.

Both of the factors combine to give you an extreme level of comfort to bowl the perfect shots. Dexter men’s shoes are ultimately customizable because they are left and right convertible. Overall these are the best bowling shoes for men that allow you to release every shot with high accuracy.

900 Global Sport Ultra Bowling Shoes

  • Hand-tooled cowhide leather offers comfort and durability
  • Interchangeable sole and heel offer the ultimate customization
  • A hardened rubber toe cap is durable
  • Offer comfort and quality at the same time
  • Expensive

One of the best bowling shoes in the market that offer you comfort and performance at the same time. It is constructed with lightweight hand-tooled leather that offers you a comfortable bowling experience. You don’t feel heavy on your feet while playing your aggressive shots.

3 soles (deer skin, back skin, and chrome leather) and 3 heels (flat normal, rippled, and back skin) are included in the shoes to provide you with the necessary comfort level. The shoes feature vented soles to offer you ultimate comfort. Your feet can breathe through this ventilation and deliver the required performance.

Kevlar toe cap makes your shoes highly durable and long-lasting. You can get the right slide and keep the required intact with a Kevlar rubber traction sole. The customers always praise its comfort level that ensures high-end performance in the bowling alley.

If you can get this level of comfort from a professional bowling shoe brand without sacrificing your required performance equipment then it’s a perfect choice.

Dexter Bowling – Mens – T.H.E 9

  • Offer comfort and quality performance
  • Constructed with the softest leather
  • Durable construction
  • Offer the required momentum
  • None

This is our second Dexter bowling shoes in the list of top 3 items. It shows that Dexter is one of the best bowling shoe manufacturers out there. Dexter is the most reliable brand you can trust to achieve actual comfort and performance.

T.H.E 9 is one of the most uniquely designed bowling shoes. It features top-quality factors that can assist you in the bowling alley to release the perfect shots.

Its stylish aesthetics makes it the most preferred choice while its durability factor leaves other brands behind. You get maximum comfort with their softest leather material and durability with revolutionary reinforced toeholds.

Its unique design lifts the mid of shoes to eliminate sagging. Moreover, the streamlined toe offers you the required fit and comfort to smash the pins with great strength.

If you want to achieve professional-grade performance in the bowling alley then invest in these high-quality pair of shoes. What you invest you get back in the bowling alley in the form of outclassing performance and comfort.

Best Women’s Bowling Shoes Reviews:

Dexter Bowling – Women’s – Vicky

  • Comfortable inner sole
  • Sleek upper leather
  • Durable bowling shoes
  • Effective price range
  • Customizable
  • Size issues

When it comes to women’s bowling shoes we cannot skip the element of comfort and quality. After analyzing the customer’s feedback and demand we put Dexter Vicky at the top of our list.

Dexter makes comfortable, durable, and reliable bowling shoes for both men and women. Their leather upper is sleek enough to promote lane movement.

The inner sole comfort beats all models in the market. They provide you with the required control for your footwork and lane momentum without sacrificing the comfort factor.

Dexter wins the hearts of professional woman bowlers with their high-end flexibility and customization options. These are available with cutting-edge features at a reasonable price range. All of the above factors make them the best choice for women bowlers.

KR Kross Ladies Black Purple Size 9

  • Comfortable inner slide pad
  • Comes with #8 microfiber slide pad
  • Adopts the contour of your feet
  • Strong leather upper
  • Durable
  • Reasonable price
  • None

Kr Kross ladies’ bowling shoes have proved a real gem for women all around the world. Women all around the world are praising the quality and comfort level of these shoes.

The main reason behind the popularity of these shoes is their lightweight and comfy design. They easily adapt the contour of your feet and get fit. Fully textile lined with padded tongue and collar offers an extra-plush feel.

They offer high-end performance with a non-marking rubber outsole and raised heel. Both factors combine to give extra durability and comfortable performance. Each shoe is packed up with a number 8 microfiber slide pad.

The flex slide technology of the microfiber slid pad makes it fit in your feel effortlessly. It combines top quality factors and offers you the required performance level.

Dexter Women’s SST 8 LE Bowling Shoes

  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Soft leather material is used for construction
  • Interchangeable soles for customization
  • Inner toe drag protection
  • Little bit pricy

Dexter is again back with another top-quality women’s bowling shoes. Dexter is a market ruler that manufactures quality products according to customers’ demands. The products of Dexter are famous due to their superior quality performance and supreme comfort.

Just like the above Dexter men’s bowling shoes, these women’s shoes are also packed with the same quality attributes. It is constructed with interchangeable soles and leather uppers.

Soft leather construction promises quality comfort and flexibility to release every shot with great accuracy. None of the models in the market allow you to customize your shoes according to your particular bowling style. You meet the exact moment and strength to release the ball.

Besides versatility, you would also admire its durability as it lasts longer than your expectations. When the interchangeable leather soles offer you customization the inner toe drag offers great protection.

Best Bowling Shoes for Wide Feet Women

BSI Women’s #651 Bowling Shoes

  • Comfortable shoes
  • Durable and eco-friendly EVA material is used to manufacture
  • Lightweight design
  • Come in big sizes for women with wide feet
  • Stylish aesthetics
  • Not advanced shoes

Women with wide feet suffer a lot when it comes to choosing the best bowling shoes. These colored stylish bowling shoes are a great choice for women with wide feet.

These cost-effective shoes always come in a bigger size than the normal ladies’ shoes. They are not built with advanced technology to meet the requirements of modern bowlers. But their wider size and lightweight midsole make them superior women’s choices.

EVA material is used to manufacture these impressive bowling shoes for women with wide feet. EVA is an eco-friendly material that keeps your environment safe from pollution.

If you observe its customer reviews on amazon you would embrace highly appreciable comments. The customers are satisfied with its quality, comfort, performance, and cost. This is evidence that these are among the best wide feet shoes for women.

Best Bowling Shoes Under 100

Dexter Men’s Kam Bowling Shoes

  • Lightweight EVA material
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Slip-on style makes you free from laces
  • Soft and comfortable upper
  • Durability issues

Dexter is a gem as it offers all kinds of shoes from different categories. You might have not seen this model in the market listed as bowling shoes. This is because of their different appearance from regular bowling shoes.

People consider these shoes as normal non-bowling shoes but these are actually bowling shoes. Their stylish and classy gray aesthetics makes them a superior choice under 100 bucks.

EVA footbed adds comfort and durability to this item. Where the slip-on style offers the convenience of wearing shoes without laces. Some people find a problem with laces and they don’t like to tie and untie laces again and again. This pair of shoes is the best choice for them. You will witness its five-star rating on amazon that represents customer satisfaction.

Best Bowling Shoes for Beginners

Brunswick Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe

  • Lightweight and durable
  • EVA material is used to construct
  • Comfortable soft grip
  • Soft leather upper
  • Ideal for beginners
  • Come in small sizes

Beginner bowlers who are an enthusiast of having branded shoes can try Brunswick. Brunswick is a famous brand manufacturing bowling balls therefore you can associate your shoes with balls.

Vapor men’s bowling shoes allow beginners to deliver the required quality performance. If you prefer comfort and performance over the style then Brunswick should meet your requirements. It is a perfect choice for you to start your career.

Lightweight EVA sole makes you feel comfortable while releasing shots. When you feel light on your feet you can throw the best shots. EVA material-based shoes are durable and comfortable.

Soft upper leather and inner sole combine to give you a comfortable feel while standing on your feet in the bowling alley. It is recommended to beginners because of its low cost. Fifty bucks are not a big investment when you are fond of bowling balls.

Buyer's Guide

The Best Bowling Shoes Selection Guide:

You are reading this article because you perhaps want to buy the best bowling shoes. But you are ambivalent about which one to purchase or what to consider while buying the best bowling shoes.

First, you have to ask yourself why you required the best bowling shoes? Without the good shoes, the bowler is almost unable to bowl correctly and efficiently.

Most of the beginners in bowling prefer to get shoes on rent which costs about 4 USD to 5 USD. If you do some calculation about the cost of the bowling shoe got on rent, you will learn that it will be more economical for you to have your own best bowling shoes.

There are a number of styles of shoes that cost less than $25. In case, you use the bowling shoes 6 times, your cost will be met with.

In spite of the cost, there are myriad benefits of having your own shoes.  The bowling shoes got on rent are often old and are found torn out. It may have germs to make you ill.

The alleys do not worry about changing the shoes sporadically. Thus, the best option for the bowler whether he is naïve or professional is to get his own best bowling shoes to play bowling.

Before buying your own best Shoes, you must know which one is the best bowling shoes for men or which one is the best bowling shoes for women.

Benefits of having Best Best shoes

Having your own pair of best the shoes is too much essential whether you are a naïve bowler or a professional bowler. You have to care that the the shoes properly fit which can improve your bowling performance.

It is necessary to have a good stance and bowling strikes. Shoes with improper fit may cause discomfort, irritation, and unusual slips and affect the game of the bowler. After purchasing the suitable the shoes, the bowler ought to know how to take proper care of them.

Things To Be Considered:

You may bowl occasionally or on a regular basis. As a casual bowler, you need to buy cheap the shoes. But in the case of you are a regular bowler, you have to purchase a good pair of the shoes and this is a beneficial investment for you. Following things should be kept in mind while buying own the shoes is to:

Following things should be kept in mind while buying your own best the shoes:

  • How much you have the passion to play bowling.
  • The budget of money you have for the shoes.
  • Your size of the shoes.

When you find the answers to the questions narrated above, you are nearer to opt your own best The shoes.

Sliding is also very important to be considered to buy the best the shoes. The bowler should keep in mind how long he wishes to slide.

For a little slide, choose the the shoes with a flat bottom. If he needs to slide a little bit more, the bowling shoe will be with a raised heel.

The raised heel will let you slide a bit more than the flat sole bowling shoe. If you are a regular and professional bowler and aims to control the volume of the slide at the time of release, the the shoes with interchangeable soles or heels are the best option.

The Styles:

There are various types of the best the shoes according to different needs of the bowler. These are Left-handed the shoes and Right-handed the shoes.

You should consider that is it a sliding shoe or braking shoe. Right-handed wear braking shoe of his right foot and sliding shoe on his left foot and vice versa for the left-handed bowlers.

Pay close attention to this style to buy appropriate the shoes. In case, you are Confused about it, universal the shoes are available in the market which are the best the shoes designed to fit left-handed and right-handed bowlers at the same time.

Casual bowlers who do not have sufficient knowledge about the best the shoes may wear Universal the shoes. These shoes have sliding soles and a little bit traction on their heels. Thus, the bowler may slide and brake at the same time.

The final question you need is that whether you want athletic the shoes or performance the shoes. A casual bowler should prefer athletic the shoes.

These shoes look like regular athletic shoes and normally have sliding soles on both sides. It is also a good option for beginners. Best The shoes for a serious bowler is the high-performance the shoes.

Selecting the suitable the shoes is an important decision. They can enhance the performance of a bowler. Shoes are available in various colors.

The reputed brands make the shoes of various colors for men, women, and kids. You may from them by keeping in view color and design suited to your personality.

Final Words


Seasonal bowlers who visit bowling alleys only in their leisure time do not need to spend money on buying bowling shoes. They can save money by using the rented shoes.

But the bowlers who bowl casually and constantly try to improve their bowling skills should preferably use bowling shoes. Because only bowling shoes can give them the required traction and slide. When you run to bowl a ball slide is necessary if not provided you may fall.

Bowlers who want to keep bowling as their career should invest in ideal bowling shoes. Their investment will turn out as their high-end performance and comfort. As a result, they achieve more goals and keep their name at the top of the list.

The professional league bowler cannot play with regular non-bowling shoes. The league bowlers need to keep their accessories bag full of valuable products.

I have listed the top shoes and categorized them based on their demand. You can check out your category and try the top bowling shoes.

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