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Best Bowling Shoes For Men Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Bowling is not just about a bowling ball and an alley. It’s about equipment, tools, and techniques. Bowling techniques help the bowlers to score high and ideal equipment supports the bowler to keep performing well.

After selecting your bowling ball and lane condition the next step is to choose the best bowling shoes. The bowling shoes are necessary to keep performing in the alley without getting slipped or sliding. The bowling shoes allow you to focus on your goals rather than other things.

If you visit the market you will find thousands of shoes sold as bowling shoes. But unfortunately, these shoes have nothing to do with your bowling career. Therefore, you have to find the one that is actually designed for bowlers.

Top 10 Best Bowling Shoes For Men Reviews:

In this article, I will try to cover some of the best-selling bowling shoes in the market. You will know how the right pair of shoes can affect your bowling performance and make a huge difference. You can also consider our buying guide to know more about the specs you have to consider while choosing bowling shoes for yourself.

Dexter Mens C-9 Knit BOA Bowling Shoes Right Hand

  • This is the pair of shoes meant to last longer than your expectations.
  • You can customize them according to your gaming requirements and bowling styles.
  • The breathable soft leather construction makes sure to provide a comfortable bowling experience.
  • Improvement can be made in the sole replacement department.

If you are a true fan of the Dexter bowling shoes and budget is not an issue then Dexter Mens C-9 Knit BOA Bowling Shoes are for you. This pair of shoes has everything you need to deliver outstanding performance in the alley.

The Dexter Mens C-9 Knit BOA Bowling Shoes come with extensive features to outshine your overall bowling experience. It is designed with high-quality material so that you enjoy comfort and performance at the same time.

The Dexter Mens C-9 Knit BOA Bowling Shoes are designed for medium to advanced bowlers. It targets the professional league bowlers who don’t feel bad about investing in high-end equipment to outshine their performance.

It is constructed with Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole to give you a comfortable performance in the bowling alley. It is also equipped with a revolutionary new toe hold system to give you a high-quality bowling experience. You can replace the system to prolong the lifespan of your bowling shows.

The Innovative Hyperflex channels at two stress points on the foot help the bowlers with enhanced flexibility and comfort. So that you can perform in the alley without getting tired or fatigued. The Dexter Mens C-9 Knit BOA Bowling Shoes are designed for right-handed bowlers to assist regarding strikes and aggressive shots.

Dexter Bowling – Mens – SST 8 Pro

  • The stylish and extremely durable design gives you a nice feel.
  • No break-in period to ensure high-end performance.
  • Offers excellent ventilation to provide quality comfort.
  • Includes an EVA midsole that allows the sole to mold according to your foot shape.
  • The Dexter Bowling – Mens – SST 8 is an expensive option suggested for only advanced and intermediate players.

Another pair of the Dexter bowling shoes on this list for professional bowlers. If you are a professional league player and looking for a durable option then Dexter Bowling – Mens – SST 8 should be your top choice.

If you face sweat issues in your regular bowling shoes then try the breathable and comfortable Dexter Bowling – Mens – SST 8. This pair of shoes features high-quality material to avoid sweating and breathability issues.

The excellent ventilation ensures a comfortable bowling experience in a fresh environment. The toe design prevents sliding on the court and allows you to deliver ideal performance on the lane. So that you don’t lose the power to strike pins after getting affected by shoes.

The inner of the Dexter Bowling – Mens – SST 8 is designed to relieve the bowlers regarding comfort and stability. The collar of the shoes is padded to offer more stability and comfort. The inner is meant to provide the best possible comfort to the professional players.

The Dexter Bowling – Mens – SST 8 sole mold according to your feet shape due to EVA material. Other than the inner sole the outer design is also aesthetically pleasing. It matched your wardrobe perfectly to give you inner satisfaction.

Pyramid Mens HPX High-Performance Right Handed Bowling Shoes

  • The Pyramid Mens HPX is designed with high-quality materials to ensure performance and durability
  • The interchangeable soles and heels offer more flexibility and versatility.
  • The H-Bar technology keeps the heel in place to improve the mobility and comfort
  • Durable materials are used to manufacture the Pyramid Mens HPX that making it the most comfortable shoe out there
  • The sizing can be a little bit tricky. If you want to buy the Pyramid Mens HPX online then keep nice measurements of your foot size.

The Pyramid Mens HPX shoe is one of the best high-performance bowling shoe options on this list. it is available in multiple size options such as 9, 9wide, 9. 5, 9.5 wide, 10, 10.5, 10.5 wide, 11, and 12. These multiple size options make the Pyramid Mens HPX a perfect choice for everyone regardless of foot size or the width.

The rubber black sole makes it durable and comfortable for both beginners and advanced bowlers. You know that Pyramid is one of the well-known brands in the field of bowling products. It is manufacturing quality bowling products for many years. Therefore pyramid knows the requirements of bowlers better than anyone.

Versatility is no more an issue when you have Pyramid Mens HPX because it features interchangeable soles and heels. Not only interchangeable but also it features the H bar technology to lock heal into place for better maneuverability.

The Pyramid Mens HPX comes with biochemical contouring so that your shoe adapts your foot contours for enhanced flexibility and comfort. The long life of this pair of shoes is guaranteed by the usage of soft full-grain leather in the construction.

KR Strikeforce Ignite

  • The intermediate and advanced bowlers will see great development and improvement in their performance after wearing these shoes.
  • The upper mesh construction of this pair of bowling shoes makes it cool and breathable.
  • The bowlers with wide feet will be accommodated by the various size options.
  • The outer construction is stylish and aesthetically pleasing.
  • This pair of shoes come with an elevated heel that can cause a little bit of discomfort for tall bowlers.

One of the best options for tournament bowlers regarding outer design and inner sole construction. It is equipped with everything you need to enjoy a comfortable bowling experience in the bowling alley.

The KR Strikeforce Ignite is designed with a durable and comfortable rubber sole. It allows the tournament bowlers to showcase their capabilities without facing sliding in the alley. It is constructed to improve your overall performance without compromising on quality and durability.

The KR Strikeforce Ignite is designed to fulfill the modern requirements of the advanced league bowlers with its unique features. It is one of the best high-performance shoes with interchangeable slide pads on the market.

It features a fixed rubber push pad and heel on traction foot to improve mobility and flexibility. The mesh upper construction ensures a breathable environment and prevents sweating during the performance.

The wide feet bowlers often face issues regarding size while buying shoes. But the KR Strikeforce Ignite is available in various size options, especially for wide feet bowlers. The stylish outer appearance is aesthetically pleasing and you don’t feel like wearing old-fashioned typical leather shoes.

Brunswick Men’s Regular

  • The aesthetically attractive looks of these shoes make them the first choice of beginners and recreational bowlers. Its beautiful exterior makes is apple of everyone’s eye.
  • This pair of bowling shoes are manufactured by the top bowling brand Brunswick. Therefore you don’t need to be concerned about quality.
  • These shoes are built to cater to intermediate bowlers who spend hours in the alley to polish their skills.
  • One of the most affordable branded shoes ever.
  • There are fewer size options available.

Brunswick is one of the best bowling products manufacturers in the world. The Brunswick Men’s Regular shoes are designed to enable the bowlers to deliver high-end performance in the alley.

The athletic mesh upper with EVA makes it durable, soft, and comfortable from the outside. It makes the upper of the shoes equally comfortable as the inner sole. The upper part of the shoes matters a lot because it defines the durability and effectiveness of the shoes.

In order to provide an extreme level of comfort, this pair of shoes features a foam-padded collar and tongue. These bowing shoes don’t only provide you necessary comfort but allow you to deliver quality performance. If your feet will feel comfortable, you will be able to perform.

The Brunswick Men’s regular bowling shoes feature raised rubber heels to provide a more controlled slide. When you run to bowl a ball in the alley the slide is a common issue that needs to be solved. Therefore Brunswick gives a controlled solution with a little bit of raised heels.

The Brunswick focuses on slide factor and allows the professional bowlers to bowl with great confidence and proper control.

BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes

  • The shoes offer decent durability so that you focus on your gameplay.
  • Stylish design makes it the top choice of everyone.
  • Offers great sliding so that you can deliver outstanding performance in the alley.
  • A really affordable option in the market without compromising comfort and quality.
  • The BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes come in bigger size options.

After expensive options, you must be looking for some high-quality, affordable, and comfortable shoes available out there. BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes are one of the most affordable and efficient shoes.

The BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes are designed with synthetic leather and rubber material to provide essential durability. Synthetic leather is used to manufacture the upper and rubber is utilized to make the outer sole. This combination doesn’t only make them the most comfortable shoes but also durable enough to get started with.

In order to control the sliding factor on the court, the microfiber is used in the outer sole. The BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes are designed lightweight to offer you a comfortable experience during bowling practices.

The BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes are some of the most attractive and stylish models out there. The sneaker-like appearance gives you a nice feeling from the inside. If you compare the quality with the price you will be amazed to know that they are extremely unique.

There is only one issue with the BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes, their sizing. The shoes cater to the bowlers with large and wide feet. The bowlers with small feet can face a little bit of sizing issues.

Therefore, keep accurate measurements regarding size and choose the one that matches your foot size and type.

After dealing with the size issues you can freely enjoy the quality performance with your favorite BSI Men’s Basic #521 Bowling Shoes.

KR Strikeforce Mens Flyer Bowling Shoes

  • The stylish design makes it the top choice of beginners and intermediate bowlers
  • This is one of the most affordable pairs of shoes available out there.
  • The soft inner cushioning makes them extremely comfortable.
  • A short break-in period makes the pair of shoes effective.
  • The KR Strikeforce Mens Flyer Bowling Shoes come in wider size options.

Again KR Strikeforce with new technology and lower price for beginners and intermediate bowlers to get started. The upper of the KR Strikeforce Mens Flyer Bowling Shoes is designed aesthetically attractive by using multiple color combinations.

The KR Strikeforce Mens Flyer Bowling Shoes are engineered with synthetic leather to provide essential durability and comfort. The synthetic leather construction makes them the most lightweight shoes on feet. The lightweight construction makes the shoes comfortable and prevents potential fatigue during bowling practices.

The KR Strikeforce Mens Flyer Bowling Shoes are designed with advanced FlexSlide technology to provide a quality slide experience while running down the lane.

The outer sole is man-made durable and comfortable. The inner foaming cushioning makes the upper more comfortable and pleasing. Just like the previous entry on this list the KR Strikeforce Mens Flyer Bowling Shoes also come in wider size options.

Also, the synthetic leather construction makes them somewhat less durable than other products on this list. You get what you pay for and for this value they are still a great option to consider.

The professional bowlers might be looking for durable shoes they can consider the above options. But the KR Strikeforce Mens Flyer Bowling Shoes provide a comfortable experience when you step in them and break them in.

I would recommend this pair of shoes because though it doesn’t last as long as others but it allows you to deliver ideal performance in the alley.

Brunswick Men’s Renegade Bowling Shoes

  • The lightweight design is exceptionally comfortable.
  • It features pure slide microfiber soles for easy access.
  • The foam-padded tongue and collar make these shoes the most comfortable and easy to wear shoes on the market.
  • The Brunswick men’s renegade bowling shoes are the best budget option on this list.
  • The synthetic uppers offer durability and high-end performance down the lane.
  • The Brunswick men’s renegade bowling shoes are easy to maintain.
  • The Brunswick men’s renegade bowling shoes are available in 4 attractive color options.
  • The style is average nothing special about the upper construction.

Brunswick is again back with a stylish, durable, and affordable pair of shoes. From outer appearance to the inner sole you will love everything about these Brunswick shoes. They’re available in 4 colors, flash silver/red, black/neon green, black/red, and black/royal.

The synthetic leather uppers are durable and effective and easy to maintain. They are available at a lower price range making them the top choice of beginners and intermediate bowlers. But don’t underestimate the performance and quality of these shoes based on price.

These bowling shoes for men from Brunswick are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. EVA material is used to manufacture the upper of these shoes to make them durable and comfortable.

Brunswick is a well-known manufacturer of bowling materials therefore you can expect the quality and performance from this pair of shoes. These shoe feature foam padded collar and tongue to offer ultimate slide for better performance.

The foam-padded collar and tongue make the Brunswick men’s renegade bowling shoes extremely lightweight on the feet. It reduces the potential fatigue caused by multiple rounds in the bowling alley.

When it comes to bowling shoes you think about hard maintenance but the Brunswick men’s renegade bowling shoes are easy to maintain. You will admire the bowling experience after wearing the Brunswick men’s renegade bowling shoes on your foot due to their lightweight design and comfortable inner sole construction.

Pyramid Men’s Path Lite Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoes

  • Ultralight outsole raised rubber heel provides perfect control
  • The Pyramid Men’s Path Lite Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoes are available in 5 attractive designs and color options.
  • The comfort footbed offers additional support for enhanced performance.
  • Scuffs up bowling floor

Pyramid is again back with one of the most durable, effective, and affordable options. Pyramid is a well-known manufacturer in the bowling industry. The Pyramid Men’s Path Lite Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoes is one of the great inventions from the brand.

The Pyramid Men’s Path Lite Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoes are affordable as compared to the last Pyramid product but not to the proceeding items.

The rubber sole of Pyramid Men’s Path Lite Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoes makes them the most durable and effective shoes out there. The rubber sole doesn’t only make them durable but comfortable too.

The breathable knitted upper is designed to give you a comfortable bowling experience in the alley. Sweating is a common issue with bowlers and Pyramid Men’s Path Lite Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoes assist in that case. The knitted upper sole provides ventilation and controls sweating.

The microfiber slide sole on both shoes makes them soft and easily wearable. The stylish army upper aesthetics make them the top choice of beginners and recreational bowlers. Not only this design but it is available in 4 other color combinations with attractive designs.

The Pyramid Men’s Path Lite Seamless Mesh Bowling Shoes feature an ultralight outsole with raised rubber heels for a better and more controlled slide.

Dexter Mens Drew Bowling Shoes

  • Handmade construction shows ideal craftsmanship.
  • The soft and durable material is used to make this pair of shoes.
  • The additional support and traction are ensured by elevated and defined heels.
  • Has an S8 microfiber slide sole for each shoe
  • The padded tongue and collar make it extremely comfortable.
  • Need maintenance because it gets dirty quite easily.
  • Offers traction that’s why you face sliding issues.

This is the 3rd Dexter product on this list a relatively affordable option. The Dexter Men’s Drew Bowling Shoes come with all top quality performance specs required to deliver quality performance down the lane.

When you bowl the Dexter Men’s Drew Bowling Shoes offer you the required comfort and traction in the bowling alley. When you do the footwork in the bowling alley the Dexter Men’s Drew Bowling Shoe never disappoints you in traction and smooth movement.

I am mentioning the traction because the slippery floor of the bowling alley makes it hard to move with a grip. People who often slip in the slippery alley will admire the traction factor of these shoes.

The upper of Dexter Mens Drew Bowling Shoes shows high-quality craftsmanship. The elevated and defined heel provides additional support when you run or walk to bowl. The padded tongue and collars make the Dexter Mens Drew Bowling Shoes most comfortable.

Buyer's Guide

How to Choose The Best Bowling Shoes For Men? An Ultimate Buying Guide 

Often you make a wrong choice and regret your decision after buying the wrong pair of shoes for you. Especially, when you do online shopping there are chances of missing minor details. But some key features are essential to be considered when choosing the bowling shoes for your bowling career.

After knowing the importance of these key features you will be able to find any other type of bowling shoes for yourself if the above list doesn’t contain your favorite products.


If you go through the bowling shoes mentioned in the above list you will come to know that they are rather expensive. You cannot spend hundreds of dollars twice or thrice a year to buy a pair of shoes.

You have to keep your bowling collection up to date and indeed bowling balls are expensive. So you must choose a pair of shoes that is made to last longer at least more than one year.

Certain companies design bowling shoes with synthetic leather that is not meant to last longer. Synthetic leather makes the shoes lightweight and comfortable but it snatches the lifespan of the shoes.

If you go through it in detail you will come to know about another material known as textile. It is also utilized to manufacture bowling shoes to last longer. But this material lacks some athletic components necessary to make an ordinary shoe a perfect bowling shoe.

Industrial design 

To follow the latest trends you must choose the bowling shoes designed professionally. No doubt you can bowl with any type of clothes or shoes. But trends are made to follow and nobody wants to wear a boring pair of shoes in the bowling alley.

Therefore, you should always consider a stylish pair of shoes that matches your personality, clothing, and bowling techniques. A stylish pair of shoes can leave a great impression on your overall personality.

If you stand with confidence, you can walk and run with confidence.

Outer sole construction 

When you normally buy a pair of shoes you often look for traction or resistance against the floor to walk or run with ease. But not in the case of bowling shoes. You have to add power to your shots with the help of sliding.

You have to consider the shoes that provide additional sliding features to empower your shots. Microfibers are used to make the outer sole for durability and increased sliding factor.

Other than microfibers, we recommend choosing the rubber outer sole construction. The rubber material is extremely durable and can endure the potential shots of advanced bowlers.

Inner sole construction 

Everything about the comfort and effectiveness of bowling shoes lies in their inner sole. The inner sole is the area where you put your feet to walk and run in the bowling alley. In order to deliver outclass performance, your feet should be in a comfortable environment.

If the inner sole is not made up of the right components you will be failed to complete the tasks you have paid for. EVA inner sole construction material is durable, soft, and comfortable. It is not that much expensive and can mold to the contour of your feet.

You can also consider memory foam inner sole construction for utmost comfort if you are suffering from particular foot issues. It is relatively expensive.

Polyurethane is another inner sole constructing material that is inexpensive. But it doesn’t mold to the contour of your feet.


Bowling is all about comfort and flexibility and your shoes must have these features. If you go through the above list you will come to know that certain shoes have sizing issues. Especially, when you make online purchasing keep a good measurement of your feet to find the right pair of shoes for you.

If you choose a pair of shoes that is too large you can feel uncomfortable. If large shoes make you feel uncomfortable then small shoes can cause serious pain. Always be aware while choosing the size of your shoes.

Weight of the bowling shoes 

You run before bowling the ball and that is the key to releasing every shot with power. You can only practice for hours in the alley if your shoes are lightweight and comfortable. Heavy shoes can cause early fatigue and serious injuries.

Choose a pair of shoes that is durable, lightweight, and comfortable. Spend some bugs to grab the ideal product rather than wasting hundreds of dollars on cheap products to save some pennies.


Ventilation makes a huge difference if you practice for hours in the alley. Sweating is the main issue with advanced bowlers who spend hours practicing in the bowling alley. Sweating can also cause your feet to slide resulting in missed shots. Therefore, always choose a pair of bowling shoes designed with proper ventilation.

How To Maintain Bowling Shoes? Three important Tips:

Maintain doesn’t only enhance the lifespan of your bowing shoes but allows you to deliver ideal performance down the lane. You may have been wearing regular shoes and you don’t often pay attention to their maintenance.

But just like maintaining your bowling ball and other bowling equipment, the maintenance of bowling shoes is also important. Before you start the next game, make sure your bowling shoes are cleaned and disinfected properly for a fresh start.

Here are some of the most important tips to maintain the bowling shoes.

Clean the shoes 

You should clean the outer sole of your shoes to make them look new in every game. You can brush your shoes to remove the excess dirt or debris. Brushing can add a little bit of traction to your bowling shoes that can be useful for you as a bowler.

But too much or more than often brushing can reduce the sliding factor resulting in affected performance.

You can also wash the outer sole of your shoes if there are stubborn oil residues. But be gentle every time you clean your shoes because your performance depends on them.

Use shoe covers 

You can put shoe covers to keep your expensive shoes safe from splashes of drinks or bathroom water. Shoe covers can protect your shoes from unpleasant experiences that can cause serious damage to your shoes.

Beginners will think that it’s another expense added to their list. But advanced bowlers value their bowling equipment as it affects their performance.

Shoe covers are affordable and easily available in the market.

Disinfect the shoes after every game 

If you want to keep your feet safe from any bacterial or fungal infections then disinfect your shoes after every game. This will not only keep your feet protected from bacterial or fungal infections but also help to enhance the durability of shoes.

Remove the sweat from the inner sole of the shoes and use a disinfectant spray. Then make sure your shoes are dried well before you place them in your cupboard. A little thing can result in big advantages.


I know that after reading this article thoroughly a lot of questions have arisen in your mind. Therefore, before I give my opinion, I must clear all possible questions rising in your minds.

Can I use Sneakers as bowling shoes? 

Most of the bowling alleys don’t allow you to use sneakers. If you are allowed to use you can. But I don’t recommend you to wear sneakers in the bowling alley.

Sneakers don’t offer a gliding feeling due to their hard and stiff outer sole. This can reduce the overall sliding and can affect your performance.

Which is best, renting or buying bowling shoes? 

If you are a beginner and don’t have enough money to invest in high-end new pair of bowling shoes. Renting can be one of the best short-term solutions but not always. Because at the end of the tenure you will be spending more than the actual price of the shoes.

If you can afford it, I would suggest you make a one-time investment and buy your own bowling shoes for a non-stop bowling experience.

Can I use regular shoes for bowling? 

Yes, you can use your regular shoes for bowling but you know you get what you pay for. If you want to enjoy a high-quality performance in the alley full of slides and comfort then you have to buy a pair of bowling shoes.

Moreover, regular shoes hold more dirt than bowling shoes. The bowling shoes are specially designed for the clean and slippery floor of the alley so they are always clean.

Final Words


I have tried my best to clear most of the things related to the bowling shoes. Why bowling shoes are necessary? Why you can’t get the same performance with regular shoes?

What are the important factors you need to consider while buying bowling shoes? And what are the best bowling shoes available in the market right now?

I have tried my best to answer all of the above questions in detail. If you are a professional bowler and leave no stone to get the best out of your bowling skills then Dexter Mens C-9 Knit BOA Bowling Shoes should be your top priority.

They are relatively expensive but help you to deliver your best.

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