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Top 5 Best Bowling Balls for Seniors Weight | Reviews of 2023

Welcome to this article, We are going to guide you about step-by-step Top 5 Best Bowling Balls for Seniors Weight | Reviews of 2023.

Bowling Ball is not the new sport among senior citizens; it’s been playing for many years around the world just because of excitement. When it comes to making lots of entertainment, there is no better game have seen out there.

Bowling ball is one of the best indoor games that are played with the ball and some pins. Although, if you had never experienced this bowling ball game means you have missed lots of excitement in your life.

This game is not too expensive to play as like golf, horse riding and etc. Many seniors like to play this game because of more interesting and fun gaming. The specialty of this game is that it is the most suitable game for maintaining health that provides you good exercise as well.

Many bowling companies and manufacturers worked really hard to fulfill the needs of all the players across the world and filled the possible gap in the market, even they ensure to design all bowling equipment carefully. This is not only design for the senior; kids can also be enjoyed through this bowling ball game.

There are many famous bowling ball companies that you can find in the market that usually offers the best plastic bowling ball at an affordable price. But some of them we have listed here will give you the perfect idea to choose your best bowling ball.

Top 5 Best Bowling Balls for Seniors Reviews:

1- Hammer Black Widow Legend Ball

Hammer Black Widow Legend Ball

  • Available in different kinds of weights.
  • It has more aggression and hooking actions.
  • There is hybrid cover stock to generate perfect reactivity.
  • Not suited for beginners.

Hammer is the most famous household name in all bowling accessories and Black Widow Legend Ball is one of the most powerful pin actions for the seniors. However, it comes in different kinds of weight that you can choose according to your skill and preference.

Now you don’t need to play with the heavy-weight ball as many best possible options are out there. What I most like about this ball, it excellently works on the medium to heavy oil lane that gives magnificent performance for seniors.

Even it is suited with asymmetrical core to generate more backend power that obtains some effective hooks. Apart from that, there is a hybrid cover stock that provides more reactivity too.

This is the more aggression and hooking power striking ball, as this ball has more aggression and hooking power, so we won’t recommend to the beginner bowler to use this ball until they don’t expert in this game.

2- Storm Match Up Bowling Ball

Storm Match Up Bowling Ball

  • It has a reactive pearl cover stock that works well on every condition.
  • Magnificent hooking power.
  • It generates excellent pin moves.
  • We won’t recommend to beginners to use this ball

The Match Up is the trustable brand by the Storm Bowling Ball as it comes with an excellent 13-pound ball that performs well on every type of lane. What I most like about this ball, it has wrapped with the reactive pearl coverstock that performs smoothly well on heavy oil applications. Even it has the 2.0 core stinger that gives more hook potential with the strong backend.

The Match-Up Bowling Ball is the perfect choice by many bowlers and said it’s very easy to use this ball than the previous model. So same goes with this ball as we have said before it is not the best option for beginners.

If they like to use this ball then they need to make practice with some other bowling ball until they don’t become the master of this game. Once they become experts in the bowling ball, after that they should try this one.

3- DV8 Poly Ball

DV8 Poly Ball

  • A wide variety of weight options are available.
  • One of the perfect ball reactions on every lane condition.
  • It has wrapped with polyester coverstock.
  • Well-balanced and ideal for precision.
  • Can be used as a spare ball.
  • Predictable result.
  • Durable.
  • Insufficient hooking capacity.
  • Some swirl pattern lovers may be disappointed.

DV8 Poly Ball comes in different kinds of weights like 6pounds to 16 pounds which you can choose according to your preference.

However, it is a well-balanced bowling ball for many seniors of any ages and skills level. DV8 Poly is quite durable, affordable, and predictable bowling ball than the other.

Many players use it as a spare bowling ball because it has wrapped with a pancake core that provides a solid guarantee. It is available in inoffensive colors, so it’s very easy to choose the modest or pronounced one.

Producing the continuous result and remain stick on the top has become the aim of everyone, so without having the DV8 Ball you cannot stay at the top that is why it is the ideal bowling ball.

The people who hope to pick up the vast hook should choose only a DV8 ball. It usually performs like an all-rounder for a beginner that makes it more special among the senior bowler.

4- Storm Hy-Road Bowling Ball

  • It has the biggest hook for low revs.
  • Very easy to predict.
  • It performs excellent when drilled with the fingertip grip.
  • Not ideal for that bowler who has been looking for more reactivity.

This is another excellent ball by the Storm Bowling ball, it also has wrapped with the reactive coverstock that usually produces the low revs with big. By using this ball, you can easily predict the hooks.

When you’re going to drill with the fingertip grip, you will get it maximum from the ball hooking potential, even you don’t need to put maximum power behind the throws. It would be very helpful for you if your play style is cool and figured rather than ferocious and frenzied.

Hy-Road Bowling ball creates a little problem to get the late hook for the beginners, which means experience and advanced bowler can be used easily. So we suggested to the senior and pro bowlers to use it.

5- Brunswick Magnitude 035 Bowling Ball

Brunswick Magnitude 035 Bowling Ball

  • It has excellent moves on dry lanes.
  • There is a symmetrical core that can be used for precision shots.
  • Best deal for pin movement.
  • A little bit heavier for some bowlers.

For seniors who like to use a heavier ball, this Brunswick Magnitude 035 bowling ball is the ideal choice. It comes between 12 to 18 pounds that are a little bit heavier ball than the other.

Due to the slightly denser build and symmetrical core, this ball is strong in medium lanes and allows for powerful straight shots with a good amount of pin movement. It takes excellent moves on the dry lane so you can save big swooping finishes if you want.

The specialty of this ball, it is more versatile than the other bowling ball so you can use it as a spare or striking ball.

Buyer's Guide

What Do You Need To Consider Before Buying Best Bowling Balls for Seniors?

There are many things that you need to consider before buying the best bowling ball for seniors:

Ball Type

Throwing the ball on any lane surface condition is depends on what type of ball surface is. Before going to buy a ball, you need to consider that ball should have a rough surface that could take easy moves on oily lanes and less oily lanes.

There is many such kinds of a bowling ball that turns the middle and can be used at any type of lane conditions. These bowling balls are the ideal choice for many seniors who don’t put the maximum stock on approaching the lane condition or just want to enjoy in the bowling alley.

Ball Weight

The weight of the ball is one of the most important things that you need to consider because choosing the wrong weight ball can affect your performance which is why you should choose the perfect weight ball according to your skill level.

Therefore, if you have the experience to use the heavier ball then it would be very helpful for you to generate a high score as the heavier ball has more power to hit the maximum pin. On the other side, if you always use the lightweight ball then do not turn on the heavier ball because it can affect your health as well as the score.

Our expert team recommends to most of the bowlers to use at least a 13-pound ball that has enough power to hit the maximum pins at a time. Even throwing 13 pounds ball is much more comfortable than you expect. So do not compromise on the weight of the ball while buying it.

Grip/Finger Holes

The grip is very im, it will enhance your chance to hit the maximum pins. Although the grip is usually customized important to know while releasing the ball, if you have a solid and comfortable grip on the finger holes may fit the bowler. 

Two different types of grip are there that are very common in the bowling ball is the conventional grip and fingertip grip. When you’re about to drill the ball, you should go with the ball that makes it more comfortable for you.

However, the perfect grip type will help you throw the ball at the best area where you could hit more pins. Being a senior, you should drill the bowling ball according to your strength and skill level that could provide you more control while throwing the straight ball. That’s how you can improve your performance and remain stay on the top rank.

Final Words


In the end, we need to say that the bowling ball game is not played just because of entertainment; it can also be played for maintaining health. Apart from that it may provide you amazing health benefits. Above we have described the top 5 Best Bowling Balls for Seniors which can be suited for the senior.

Before buying the best bowling ball, you just need to go through this whole review at once that may give the perfect idea of which one is best for you. After reading this review, you would be able to choose one of them easily that is meeting your requirement according to your strength and skill level.

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