Top 5 Best Bowling Ball for Beginners (2021) – Reviews

Choosing the first bowling ball is quite tricky for many beginners, particularly for those people who are completely new in this field. Nowadays, people look more excited about finding their best bowling ball, but without having correct information nobody can get their best one. That is why it is more significant for getting a good amount of knowledge about it before choosing the best bowling ball.

Being an expert, it is quite easy for us to show you some fantastic ways to choose the best bowling ball that would be suitable for all beginners’ bowlers. After spending plenty of time and gaining lots of positive experience with advanced and beginner’s bowlers, therefore, we have listed the 5 best bowling balls for beginners.

5 Best Bowling Balls for Beginners:

1- Storm Tropical Surge

The Strom Tropical Surge bowling ball has particular been designed with the surge core that usually comes with a differential of 0.024 as well as the RG 2.58. With its excellent combination, the ball goes perfectly straight on the front lane and maintains the power for a predictable back-end hook. When it comes to playing for the oily pattern, it moves quite straight down on the right side of the lane and hits the maximum pins at once. While properly throwing this ball, you could easily get the complete dry board that is why this is absolutely the finest choice for every beginner’s bowler. Being a sufficient controllable ball, it often gives the high hook potential when throwing it accurately.


This ball has been wrapped with the specific Reactor Hybrid coverstock. Even many bowling ball brands are out there who often use a pearl coverstock which is not much suited for beginners. However, the specialty of this hybrid coverstock is that it provides excellent motion to the ball that gives more leniencies.


The inverted lightbulb core has been used in this ball that comes with low RG, high smoothness, and great predictability of the motion of the ball. The lightbulb cores have been used for a long time for many good reasons. Therefore, this core works really magnificent. Having a low differential of 0.024 often brings a small flare that increases the readability of the ball.

2- Hammer Blue Vibe

The latest addition to the Hammer Blue Vibe line, the ball features the iconic Vibe ball design. Even the motion is quite predictable which makes it easy to adjust when approaching the lane. It often glides over the front area of the lane and hooks very hard when it hits the dry board.


This ball has been wrapped with the CT Reactive Plus solid coverstock which has a smooth finish that reacts like a pearl. First of all, it has sanded with a 500 grit abralon pad, then it has given 2000 grit pad and the final step has polished with powerhouse factory finish polish. Having the carbon fiber cover makes the ball more durable and surely gives 3-years of warranty.


Asymmetric vibe core has been used in this Hammer Blue Vibe ball that has a 2.51 RG which is quite similar to the tropical surge and the differential is very higher which a 0.042 is. However, it provides enough flare to the ball that helps the core to do some work rather than the coverstock. In the end, we must say, it is the quite magnificent time-tested core that is why it is so familiar everywhere

3- Roto-Grip Hustle Ink

The Roto-Grip Hustle Ink ball is quite familiar to experts as well as beginner’s level bowlers. With having smooth controllable motion, it hooks very hard when it hits the back-end of the lanes. Moreover, it also has the solid reactive coverstock which is usually suited with the relatively low differential that gives the predictable ball motion to the beginners.


This ball has been wrapped with the thrilling solid reactive coverstock, and it has a 1500 grit polished surface that reacts like a pearl. The best thing about this ball, it has an excellent smoother motion that hooks less violently on the backend.


The Hustle Symmetric core has been used in this ball that comes with an RG of 2.53 and a differential of 0.03 which gives the shape like a lightbulb core. Even it has a small amount of flare potential that raising the readability and the predictability of the motion.

4- Columbia 300 Nitrous

This ball is recognized as a typical pearl that has quite a low differential RG. The specialty of this ball, it has the predictable roll that hooks late without sacrificing pin carry.

Even it can be used for dry lane conditions such as burned-up patterns or house shot as well.


It has been wrapped with the Boost/R pearl coverstock which is so good for many beginners because of its energy retention and the late hook. When it comes out of the box it gives the look like the same finish as the Hammer Blue Vibe.


There is a two-piece core that has been used in this ball which is lightbulb-ish and symmetric nitrous. However, it provides a smooth predictable motion to the back-end that has a small amount of flare potential. The specialty of this core has a higher differential than the tropical surge. Even it has the pearl coverstock that often keeps things in control.

5- Ebonite Turbo/R

Most beginner bowlers are not very familiar with the Ebonite Turbo/R ball as it is a new addition to the market. Therefore, it is a flip-type of ball that efficiently moves on the oily lane and hooks on the backend. What I most like about this ball, the backend hook is quite straight and smooth as compare to the others even it has low hook potential.


It comes with GB 10.7 pearl coverstock. So this coverstock is a little hard to gripe for many beginners that is why sometimes it becomes unpredictable. Even it has the same finish such as the Columbia 300 Nitrous.


This ball has the Turbo/R core that looks like a modified light-bulb core. Although, it has a low differential and quite lesser flare potential that increases its predictability.

What You Need to Consider before buying your Best Bowling ball?


Weight is one of the most significant things that every beginner needs to consider before buying their first bowling ball. However, all these bowling balls come in different kinds of weights that you have to choose according to your skill level. 14 or 15-pound bowling balls are quite easy to handle for many adult bowlers.

Even heavier balls have more power to hit the maximum pins at once which would surprise you. But playing with the heavier ball needs proper practice. Therefore, lighter balls are not much powerful as compare to heavier balls even it often unable to hit some pins. That is why we suggest you choose a little bit heavier ball, I think a 14 to 16 bounds ball would be suitable to use for any lane.


There is a variety of coverstock available in the market; therefore, if you want to increase your hook potential then reactive coverstock is much more suitable for you. It has been manufactured with porous material that efficiently moves on the lane and sharply hooks into the pins. Reactive coverstock comes in three different types which are solid, pearls and hybrids. However, the difference between all these coverstock is just the strength, some of the coverstock has low strength but some of them are quite stronger. A stronger ball gives hooking earlier but the weaker balls hook a little bit later. Let’s learn deeper about all of them.


The specialty of this pearl coverstock is that it is absolutely smoother and shinier than the other. In this list, the two best bowling balls have been wrapped with the pearl coverstock which is the Ebonite Turbo/R and the Columbia 300 Nitrous.

Moreover, the pearl coverstock moves excellently down on the lane before hooking which is definitely more suited for beginners. This pearl coverstock smoothly glides over the front part of the lane when playing on the oily lane conditions. While hitting the dry boards near the pins, it gets lots of friction and hooks inwards.


In terms of on-lane reaction, solids are the opposite of pearls. These kinds of coverstock are very stronger than the others which have the power to hook earlier.

An earlier hook gives a smooth motion to the ball. When the ball starts getting the hook earlier, it will get a less violent hook on the backend of the lane.

The solid coverstock is very strong and more suitable for beginners as well, but it depends on the essential factors such as the finish of the coverstock and the core.


The Hybrid coverstock provides an excellent balance of smoothness and angularity to the ball. It often hooks a bit later than the solid coverstock. However, sometimes it is very hard unpredictable, and unreadable. So having predictability is very important for many beginners.


There are three common types of cores uses in the bowling ball; some of the essential cores are here, Pancake, Symmetric, and Asymmetric. The core plays a huge role in performing the ball. Many expert bowlers don’t have the correct knowledge of ball physics and geometry. Therefore, as beginner’s bowlers, you don’t need to know the whole information about the cores. There are certain things you just need to know:


The Pancake core was quite famous many years before but not going to be very seen these days. However, sometimes you can see the pancake core in the plastic balls, and some parts have been outdated technology that is why it doesn’t generate lots of motion.


The symmetric core looks like a light-bulb core as it is seen in the storm tropical surge bowling ball. However, the symmetrical cores have much smoother motion than the other core that is why we usually suggest for beginners as it is absolutely predictable. The Low RG symmetric core paired with the smooth coverstock is the best bowling ball for beginners.


Asymmetric cores have a really complex design and often are seen in high-end bowling balls. Many exceptions are out there but the asymmetric cores are quite very angular motion on the lane. As this asymmetric core is quite finicky so we don’t recommend the beginners use it.


In the end, we need to say that above we have listed the 5 best bowling balls which would be more suited for beginners. Not just that it will help you to choose your best bowling ball even it will also give you sufficient knowledge about this game. However, if you’re a beginner then you should choose such kind of ball that comes with a smooth finish as seen in pearl coverstock and also has the low differential to have an excellent motion on the lane. Therefore, the asymmetric cores and strong coverstock are very difficult to control for many beginners so we don’t recommend you to use them. Overall, all these bowling balls have magnificent features now it’s up to you which one you are going to choose it.

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