Best Bowling Ball Review For Hook, Spare – Symmetric vs Asymmetric

In this article, I will guide you Best Bowling Ball Review For Hook, Spare – Symmetric vs Asymmetric which is very helpful for you.

Bowling is a famous sport and there are many benefits to playing the game. It develops your muscle power, increases your balance and flexibility, and encourages you to become social. We do comprehensive research on the Best Bowling ball on the market and came up with our final recommendation. If you are planning to buy a Ball.

Best Bowling Ball on the Market

Additionally, you can do good enough cardio with it and it relieves the stress from the mind and body.

Having a bowling ball is necessary for newcomers and even professionals to bring their balls to play the game.

The following is the list of the highest 10 best bowling balls on the market and their designs will leave you stunned.

 Here, a lot of the best bowling balls are accessible in the market with all the best brands. And if you are still considering which one you need to choose, then you are in the right place. 

Because from here, we take you toward the ten best-rated bowling balls.

Those in search of a good bowling ball should know the starting point in relation. Whether by companies, dimensions, or aesthetics, these are the best bowling balls. Take a look!

Bowling is a fantasy, expert, but complicated sport. Any great bowler can tell you that the kind of bowling ball you use decides how you perform. Success in this game does not only lie in your skill or level of practice alone.

Bowling balls do not perform equally in different circumstances.

Today, we will explain the best bowling balls to help you learn which ball is ideal for specific lanes. You will also determine how to choose the right bowling ball from our buying guide.


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 List Of The Best Bowling Balls On The Market Today – Reviews 

 1. Hammer Black Widow Legend Bowling Ball 

Hammer OTB Black Widow Black Spare Bowling Ball

This bowling ball is outstanding for its hybrid cover stock. The form of the ball is powerful, and you can also get a great result from its polished cover and gas mask.

This construction of the ball ensures an effective movement of the ball. It gives a great move at the backend of the lane particularly.

This ball is ideal for medium to heavy oil lanes. The bowling ball comes with three years guarantee. The excellent grip of this ball can assist you to get a great result on the lane.

How To Help A Child Struggling With Reading:

Lane Condition: Medium to Heavy Oil
Coverstock: NBT Hybrid
Weight Block: Gas Mask Core
Ball Finish: 1000 Abralon® W/ Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Ball Color: Black/Red Pearl
R.G. / Diff.: #12 – 2.63 / .025
#13 – 2.56 / .030
#14 – 2.50 / .056
#15 – 2.50 / .058
#16 – 2.51 / .048
Mass Bias Strength: #15 – .014
Ball Reaction: Strong Mid-Lane with Massive Backend

 2. Pyramid Path Rising Pearl Bowling Ball 

pyramid bowling ball

This stylish-looking bowling ball has 139 symmetric core structures that make the ball powerful, strong, and solid.

This ball is excellent for the players at the entry level. The ball is ideal for the medium-dry lane.

The development of the ball offers multiple drilling options.

The 150-grit polished finishing of the ball makes it more excellent. The construction of the ball can provide you with many impressive motions on the lanes.

This product can give a good grip on the beginner-level player. This USBC-recommended tool is wondrous looking, long-lasting, and strong.

 3. Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball 

Brunswick Rhino Bowling Ball

This is a wonderful Brunswick bowling ball and there are many colors accessible in the same design.

The ball is supposed to be an entry-level ball and it is not reactive to dry or oily surfaces. You can get enough control and power in your throw.

It is suitable for newcomers as it is comfortable to hold on to. You can understand to hook the ball with it smoothly and one can use it as an additional ball as well.

It is extremely durable, and the 10-pound bowling ball is just about excellent.

How To Help A Child Struggling With Reading:

Lane Condition: Light to Medium Oil
Coverstock: R-16 Reactive
Weight Block: Light Bulb
Ball Finish: 500 Siaair / Royal Compound / Royal Shine
Ball Color: Red/Black/Gold Pearl
R.G. / Diff.: #10 – 2.801 / .002
#11 – 2.770 / .002
#12 – 2.594 / .030
#13 – 2.573 / .030
#14 – 2.555 / .030
#15 – 2.539 / .030
#16 – 2.526 / .030
Durometer: 75-76
Hook Potential: 95 out of 175
Length: 160 out of 235
Breakpoint Shape: 90 out of 100

 4. Pyramid Path Bowling Ball 

Pyramid Path Bowling Ball new_compressed

This is a universal bowling ball which means it is fit for people of all ages as well as all various skill levels. The polyester cover stock is excellent for straight shots.

The company gives 2 years warranty and the quality is unmatched. The ball comes undrilled and there are several beautiful color options accessible.

It is also one of the numerous profitable bowling balls and you can have more control, power, and accuracy with a few days of practice.

The polyester cover stock is excellent for straight shots. The company gives 2 years warranty and the quality is unmatched.

The ball comes undrilled and there are several beautiful color options accessible.

 5. Brunswick Deep Space Bowling Ball 

Brunswick Deep Space

This is the best-rated bowling ball on the list and there are multiple color choices accessible.

There are different sizes available to get the weight and size proportion right based on your age and skill.

The cover stock has polyester and it shines elegantly. Its performance on the lanes is unmatched irrespective of the situation.

It is suitable for newcomers for straight bowling and one can use it as a spare ball. You can gift it to your children, and you are surely going to get praise for its design.

How To Help A Child Struggling With Reading:

Lane Condition: Light Oil
Coverstock: Polyester
Weight Block: Bullet Core
Ball Finish: Royal Shine
Ball Color: Deep Space
Durometer: 80-82

 6. Hammer Gauntlet 

This bowling ball has an excellent design with the 2000 Abralon pad. This heavy oil bowling ball can turn the direction according to the down lane.

The ball is not only hard and strong but also beautiful in shape. You can take this ball which is great in quality as a powerful one.

This bowling ball comes with 3 years guarantee. Carbon fiber is one of the excellent materials of this ball and this material is the powerful one as well.

Balls Specs

Lane Condition: Heavy Oil
Coverstock: Semtex Hybrid CFI
Weight Block: Gauntlet Asymmetric Core
Ball Finish: 500/2000 Abralon®
Ball Color: Orange/Black/Silver
R.G. / Diff.: #12 – 2.63 / .025
#13 – 2.56 / .030
#14 – 2.51 / .053
#15 – 2.50 / .050
#16 – 2.51 / .048
Mass Bias Strength: .012
Finish: 9
Cover: 9.75
Core: 8.5
Hook Rating: 27.25

 7. Hammer Black Widow Dark Legend Solid 

Hammer OTB Black Widow Black Spare Bowling Ball

This Hammer bowling ball has a wondrous friction ability for its solid cover stock and 500/2000 Abralon finish.

This ball has good stability and durability. The bowling ball has a carbon-fiber structure which is the material for the bowling balls in the market.

This solid ball issues with 3 years guarantee. The gas mask core of the ball makes it effective and excellent at the same time.

How To Help A Child Struggling With Reading:

Lane Condition: Medium to Heavy Oil
Coverstock: Semtex Hybrid
Weight Block: Gas Mask Core
Ball Finish: 500/1000 Abralon Polished w/Powerhouse Clean N’ Sheen
Ball Color: Black/Purple Pearl
R.G. / Diff.: #12 – 2.63 / .025
#13 – 2.56 / .030
#14 – 2.50 / .056
#15 – 2.50 / .058
#16 – 2.51 / .048
Mass Bias Strength: #15 – .016
Ball Reaction: Strong Mid-Lane w/Continuous Backend
Finish: 7.5
Cover: 9.5
Core: 8.75
Hook Rating: 25.75

 8. Storm Timeless 

This Storm bowling ball has a great reputation in the market for its stylish and attractive look and aromatherapy fragrance.

This bowling ball has a powerful and solid structure and this ball is long-lasting at same time.

This ball has a quick-revving power for its two-weight block-making. The bowling ball starts to run in the front differential and turn the motion at the back end of the lane.

The different construction of the ball can provide you with a unique experience.

How To Help A Child Struggling With Reading:

Lane Condition: Medium to Heavy Oil
Coverstock: R2S™ Hybrid Reactive
Weight Block: Dual-Drive™ Core (14-16 lbs)
Modified Centripetal™ Core (12-13 lbs)
Ball Finish: 1500-grit Polished
Ball Color: Blue Solid/Platinum & Black Pearls
R.G. / Diff.: #12 – 2.65 / .035
#13 – 2.59 / .045
#14 – 2.59 / .049
#15 – 2.57 / .050
#16 – 2.49 / .051
Durometer: 73-75 Rex D-scale
Flare: 5″ – 6” (High)
Fragrance: Aromatherapy – Citrus
Recommended Cleaner: Reacta Shine

 9. Columbia Nitrous Bowling Ball 

This beautiful-looking bowling ball comes with durable construction. The core of the ball has a nitrous form and the increased covers stock.

This stylish ball can give you a great grip and help you to experience something new.

The bowling ball works great on the medium and light oil lanes. This ball is long-lasting, durable, and solid to provide you with an outstanding experience.

How To Help A Child Struggling With Reading:

Lane Condition: Light to Medium Oil
Coverstock: Boost/R
Weight Block: Nitrous Core
Ball Finish: 500/2000 Abralon® Polished w/Powerhouse Factory Finish Polish
Ball Color: Silver/Black
R.G. / Diff.: #10 – 2.72 / .031
#11 – 2.62 / .039
#12 – 2.63 / .030
#13 – 2.60 / .030
#14 – 2.55 / .031
#15 – 2.55 / .033
#16 – 2.55 / .030
Ball Reaction: Skid/Flip

 10. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball 

This bright bowling ball has a perfect polyester and plastic construction which is long-lasting and durable.

This bowling ball is easy to grip and use on the lanes. The outstanding moves of the ball can encourage you to get a great result with less effort.

The bowling ball has a 3-piece core production which makes the ball powerful, sturdy, and solid.

This bowling ball is mainly suitable for newcomers. This bowling ball can help you to get to the next level simply.

This beautiful bowling ball is only 10 lbs in weight which is excellent for beginner-level players.

How To Help A Child Struggling With Reading:

Lane Condition: Light Oil
Coverstock: Polyester
Weight Block: Pancake
Ball Finish: Polished
Ball Color: Northern Lights
Ball Reaction: Straight
Date Released: May 14
Recommended Cleaner: PowerHouse Ball Cleaner

Parts And Types Of Bowling Balls: Best Bowling Ball Review

Bowling balls are the main part of the game of bowling whether ten-pin or five-pin, thrown to hit bowling pins.  These are like cannons or watermelons having good weight.

They are among the bowling accessories which interact with every other element like the bowler, the lane, the oil pattern, and the pins. These are very hard and round with three holes drilled in them. Bowler uses a ring, middle finger, and thumb to hold bowling balls while playing bowling.

Only Bowling Ball cannot contribute to the success of bowling. He, in addition, needs bowling ball accessories to maintain the ball and keeps scoring. The below mentioned are the Ball Pieces of equipment necessary for the performance of the bowling.

Parts Of Bowling Balls

Bowling balls consist of two main parts. These are the coverstock and the weight block. The coverstock is the outer crust of the ball visible to the bowlers and onlookers. The weight block is the inner part of the ball under the cover stock.

There are two types of weight block in the ball which is a high-mass weight block and a low-mass weight block. The shape of the former looks like a pancake having placement near the coverstock. The lower mass weight block has several forms located at the center of the ball.

Types Of Bowling Balls

There are four main types of bowling balls according to the material used in the coverstock of the ball. These are Coverstocks-plastic, Urethane, Reactive Resin, and Particle Proactive.

Plastic coverstock having a plain surface, the least friction, and hook potential, is specially designed for beginners. Intermediate and advanced bowlers may also use it. This kind of bowling ball has more chances of deflection. Urethane bowling ball is more durable than plastic thereby increasing friction and potential hook. It is very easy to control and has very few chances of deflection.

A reactive Resin ball is less enduring than plastic and urethane. But it has more friction and hooks potential. Because of too much friction, it may harm lane conditions and beget operation errors.

It is a little bit hard to control. Intermediate and advanced-level bowlers have the interest to use it. Particle proactive bowling ball has a bumpy surface and is used on the oil lanes.

According to the different terminologies used in the game of tenpin bowling, the bowling ball is of the following type:

Custom Bowling Ball
Spare Bowling Ball
Hook Bowling Ball
Spare Bowling Ball

The Ball is also categorized according to the game in which it is used:

Tenpin bowling ball
Five-pin bowling ball
Candlepin bowling ball
Duckpin bowling ball

Bowling Ball is also available in different colors:

Pink Bowling Ball
Purple Bowling Ball
Green Bowling Ball
Black Bowling Ball
Red Bowling Ball
Blue Bowling Ball
Bowling Ball Accessories:
Bowling Ball Cleaner / Polish
Bowling Ball Drilling Machine
Bowling Ball Spinner
Bowling Ball Grip
Bowling Ball Rack
Top Bowling Balls Brands

There are many bowling ball manufacturers producing simple to professional-level bowling balls. The following are the best bowling ball companies:-

Storm Bowling
Hammer Bowling
Brunswick Bowling
Dv8 Bowling
Roto Grip Bowling
Ebonite Bowling
Motiv Bowling
Track Bowling
Columbia Bowling
Global 900
AMF Bowling

How To Choose The Right Bowling Ball:

Many people love bowling, but they do not know how to be good at tenpin bowling. The secret behind this is that it all depends on the bowling ball.

The bowling ball is the bowler’s best friend. It should be selected carefully to make it possible that it serves its purpose.

The bowling ball is mainly used to knock down the bowling pins within the arena, making it an integral part of the game. One cannot enjoy the game of bowling without the right ball.

There are different kinds of balls available in a bowling alley. All of them are not the same.

However, most people neither know this point nor grasp just how important choosing the perfect ball is. The wrong selection engenders poor game.

Many factors determine the result of a bowling game. They include skills, expertise, and practice of the bowler.

All this has the basic role in the game, but the bowler must have a ball that will elevate you to the level that follows.

The beginners can use the normal bowling ball as it may give them much-needed practice. Many people still use the house ball in competitions like tournaments and leagues as they feel that it may help them with issues of grip.

If you want to enjoy bowling from time to time, you need a ball that matches the style that you love.

Factors To Consider To Choose The Best Bowling Ball Review

Three important factors everyone should have in mind while selecting the perfect bowling ball. These are the price and weight of the ball, coverstock, and hook potential.

The adults are comfortable with the 15lbs ball because they are more energetic as compared to women and kids.

The women, senior bowlers, and juniors try to choose the 14 lbs. A bowling ball that has the right weight can offer surprising results.

Normally, the manufacturers offer bowling balls of different price ranges depending on versatility and performance.

The bowler may get an entry-level ball as a beginner or even the best performance ball.

The bowling ball should match the conditions of the lane. You may find a coverstock for the dry lane, the medium dry, and even the oily lane.

Different coverstock has different features so the bowler has to choose them carefully.

Choose The Coverstock Of The Bowling Ball

Bowling balls are available in the market in a variety of coverstocks. They may be top weights, pin locations, weight blocks, and others.

Selection of the proper bowling ball to best suit the game of the bowler can prove to be a challenge. There are quite a few resources available online to research bowling ball decisions.

The outer layer of the bowling ball known as coverstock determines the reaction of the ball on a specific lane condition. The bowling ball will have either a dull surface or a shiny surface.

The surface of the ball can be altered by adding a polish or simply dulling the surface by using a dulling compound.

A shiny ball is more inclined to have more length before it approaches the breakpoint and hooks. While dull ball has the predilection to give more hook. Coverstock should be chosen according to the lane condition.

Sources Of Bowling Ball Reviews

If someone is going to buy a new bowling ball in the market, it is recommended that he has to take a look at some bowling ball reviews before buying the balls.

This is a good idea to invest some extra time into making sure you are purchasing the right product before investing a lot of money into that product.

The right bowling balls can enhance the performance of the bowler. So, it is suggested to read some bowling ball reviews before buying a bowling ball.

Reading of these reviews enables you to learn about the price, the weight, the material, the ball’s hook potential, and whether the ball skids or grips well-oiled lanes.

The bowler must know both the positive and negative aspects of the bowling ball which is based on the experiences of both other customers and professionals.

The value of the ball whether it is a good ball or not normally depends on the price someone is going to pay for it.

Bowling ball reviews also let the bowlers compare bowling balls which you cannot do at all bowling stores as all the bowling pro shops do not carry every possible bowling ball.

There are many sources of bowling all reviews. First and foremost are the online bowling ball reviews. It allows the bowler to access the information about the ball at home using his / her internet.

The other source of bowling ball reviews is printed reviews in bowling newspapers or magazines. These reviews can also be offered to you by your friends or any other bowlers.

It makes you aware of why different bowlers do or do not like certain balls. The customer service representative at the store is also a good source of ball reviews.

He normally has good knowledge about the particular bowling balls he is selling.

Things To Be Known While Reading Bowling Ball Reviews

The bowler should find bowling ball reviews given by a fair and unbiased person. For example, if you are reading these kinds of reviews about Storm Spitfire, you are not supposed to read reviews offered by Storm.

It is pertinent to mention here that reading bowling ball reviews written by experts and professionals is very beneficial. You can also get the idea from people having the same amount of experience as you have.

Sometimes you may rely on a bowling ball review given by a beginner bowler more than the reviews offered by an expert.

Read carefully both the positive and the negative points listed in a bowling ball review. Sometimes a negative for one person is a positive for another and vice versa.

There are many sizes and weights of the best bowling balls on the market available. Every ball is suitable for people with so many skill levels.

Therefore, it is significant to go through the information and have some understanding of the size, weight, and age proportion to master the game and have fun regularly playing it with your friends.

If you’re also watching for the best bowling shoes check here for the best option, bowling shoes for men & bowling shoes for women.

Top 12 Best Bowling Ball For Hook Reviews:

Providing enough hook potential into your bowling is a little tricky for many beginners but the point is what kind of ball would be suitable for hook potential. However, you’ll gain a competitive edge with the best bowling balls for hooks.

Bowling is one of the most fascinating and enjoyable indoor games that have been played by thousands of people all over the world. But if your dream is to play at a higher level it can come true now, all you have to do just need to learn some technique or skill to reach that level.

After practicing valuable techniques such as perfect angle, speed, and rotation, your skill will get improved over time. With the good hook potential, you would be able to bowl with a better angle that may hit the pins with more power.

Many bowling balls are out there that often provide impressive hook potential but we have found some best ones for you. Let’s have a look at our best bowling balls for the hook.

1- Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball For Hook

Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball for Hook

  • Perfect choice for every bowler to use in different lane conditions.
  • Excellent control of the lane.
  • Sharp backend reaction.
  • Quite reasonable.
  • A little bit tricky for newbies.

The Pyramid Path Pearl Bowling ball is suited to everyone whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced bowler. For those people who are completely new to this game, they have a good opportunity to take a good start with it.

Due to its high performance and affordable price, it’s been very popular everywhere. Without compromising on performance, it comes at a reasonable price. The versatility of the pyramid bowling ball is that it can be used in every lane condition.

However, it has a Reactive cover stock that provides good hook potential for the ball to hit the pins more strongly. Along with that, it has the New Era 139 Symmetrical Core as well which provides enough balance to control the ball on the different lanes.

With the 1500 grit polish, it gives a powerful backend reaction with clean front-line moves. As it comes without any holes so you can drill it as per your preference.

2- Green Envy Bowling Ball By Brunswick

Green Envy Bowling Ball by Brunswick

Green Envy bowling ball is more suited for kids as well beginner players. It has been designed in a few standard colors. As it comes with gloss polish which is very effective to become an advanced bowler.

For those, who have newly joined this game, getting a ball that fits properly in their hand is surprising. Controlling the hook thoroughly is not much easy for many beginner bowlers but this ball allows you to maintain the balance perfectly.

That is why low hook potential is more demanding among beginners. The cover stock of this ball has been manufactured with plastic and polyester which makes it more strong and more durable than the others.

The hook potential has counted approximately 25 which is quite low as comparing the scale of 10-175 means this is the best choice for just beginners.

3- Motiv Forge – High-Quality Bowling Ball

Motiv Forge

Motiv Forge bowling ball comes with massive hook potential as well as the most robust symmetrical core. The specialty of this ball is that it allows you to drill it correctly. Both right-handed and left-handed bowlers can be used this ball.

This is the perfect choice for medium-heavy oil lane conditions and continues to show a smooth motion. Along with the low RG and high differential, it allows you to generate revs instantly with plenty of flares. The weight of this ball is around 16.8 lbs it is smoothly fit into your hand.

Even it has been manufactured with high-quality material. There is the outer core material that helps to grab the massive hitting power it is known as reverb. The cover stock material is known as coercion HFS and it also has a low RG detonator core. Having the 3000 Grit LSS, allows you to assist in the motion as well.

4- Brunswick Quantum Bias Ball

Brunswick Quantum Bias Ball

The Brunswick Quantum Bias Ball has become the most reliable and trustable brand in the bowling market which is why it is very familiar among all bowling players.

The manufacturing and upgraded process of this ball is quite different than others which makes them able to present a different look of the ball. With the white cover stock and magnificent color, it attracts everyone whether someone associates with the bowling game or not.

The cover stock of this ball is much thicker and more durable than the others. By using this ball, you would be able to obtain massive hitting power as well. This is the very first asymmetric cored bowling ball of this brand.

As it has the ECA-XR shell with an extremely high RG core that usually provides the higher potential hook, and excellent pin brings. Although, it is more suited for heavy oil lane conditions.

Because of the drilling form, the shape of this ball can be affected. The weight of this branded bowling ball is around 15.8 lbs which helps to improve your performance.

5- DV8 Pitbull Bite Bowling Ball

DV8 Pitbull Bite Bowling Ball

For those bowlers, who have been looking for such kind of bowling ball that has aggressive hook potential, they should choose this DV8 Pitbull Bit bowling ball as it is perfect for pro bowlers. However, it can be smoothly used in medium to heavy oil lane conditions.

Due to its fiction, it comes with more dynamic motion. The friction has been created through the composite fang solid cover. It also comes in the undrilled form. Moreover, it comes with a low RG core that is more suited for every bowler and the weight of the ball is around 15.9 lbs which is an ideal choice for everyone.

Moreover, the finish grit of the ball is nearly 1500 with a sea air micro pad. The outlook of this ball is more stylish and attractive. Even it’s very easy to control for everyone.

6- Brunswick Deep Space

Brunswick Deep Space

  • More focused on producing over than colors.
  • Quite lightweight making it suitable for kids as well.
  • Efficiently engineered for precision.
  • Excellent making to last longer than anticipated.
  • The space theme is not like everyone.
  • Not so good for pro or advanced bowlers.

The Brunswick Deep Space ball looks like an earth hemisphere which makes it more versatile and unique to play with. As it comes in over ten beautiful colors so you can have your best one. The special thing about this ball, it has been designed with moderate weight which is also suitable to play for kids as well.

Along with the reasonable and high-quality ball, you can buy it as a spare ball. In any case, if your one ball gets damaged or lost so you could use your spare ball. Made with Gloss Polish Hook Potential for giving a sparklingly clean look to the ball.

Plus, it can be used for any lane surface, and you would happy with its excellent performance. However, the cover stock of this ball has been designed with polyester which is precise for any lane conditions.

7- Hammer Black Widow Spare Blue

Hammer Black Widow Spare Blue

  • It comes in different types of weight so you can choose according to your preference.
  • An extremely durable bowling ball.
  • It has a gas mask core for making stability in your movement.
  • Smooth and excellent grip.
  • It comes in multiple colors.
  • Somehow it looks highly colored.
  • Not suitable for kids because of the weight.

As a premium bowling ball, it has included the best Hammer-proven Gas Mask Core in the ball. The cover stock of the Hammer Black Widow Spare Blue ball has been designed with solid polyester material which provides the player with more hook and motion while throwing the ball.

However, it comes in different kinds of weights such as between 12 lbs to 16 lbs which gives you more options to choose it according to your skill level. It is designed with solid material and tech features to provide you the more precision.

This is approved by the 2000 Abralon with powerhouse factory. Apart from that, they have used a high-quality material to make this ball more strong and more durable.  The specialty of this ball is that it moves directly where you want to throw it so you would be surprised by the magnificent result.

8- MOTIV Jackal Ghost Premium Bowling Ball

MOTIV Jackal Ghost Premium Bowling Ball

  • It has the ability to generate the maximum result.
  • Extensive hook potential.
  • Solid friction is perfectly working for the heavy oil lane surface.
  • Durable.
  • Attractive design and color.
  • Somehow may not be suited for beginners.

An excellent hook and great motion is the surprising feature of this Motiv Jackal Ghost Premium bowling ball. When it comes to performance, it’s very hard to compete with this ball as it offers multiple essential features that provide enough hooks to the ball to hit maximum pins.

Apart from that, it has the Predator V2 weight block core, providing its full strength to generate exceptional results. However, beginners and advanced bowlers can be smoothly used this ball in heavy oil lane conditions.

The cover stock of this ball has been designed with a high-friction solid, giving it a real boost to your performance. This is the best choice for those bowlers, who looking for a low rev rate and extremely high ball speed.

Being durable and modern for more preciseness, it has been more demanding in the bowling market. Due to the High Radius of Gyration, it gives good hook potential to the ball to hit maximum pin at once.

9- Pyramid Curse Designed Bowling Ball

Pyramid Curse Designed Bowling Ball

  • It can read the perfect lane and find a pocket.
  • Attractive design and smooth playing.
  • It has the ATX cover stock for making perfect movement.
  • Offers you multiple weight options.
  • Suitable for both beginners as well as pro bowlers.
  • Not everyone likes its different colors.
  • Most of the features are meant for professionals.

Throwing the ball accurately is one of the most excellent features of this bowling ball that often move in the required pattern as it has the Equinox symmetrical core. Even it also has the power to directly move wherever you want to move it.

Being an ATX cover stock it often makes sure the ball moves in the right direction. In any situation, if you want to move it around or straight, it will go in the perfect direction where you want it. Without missing mid-lanes, it allows the ball to hit maximum pins that make you stay on top.

Bowling is an art so without learning some valuable techniques, you cannot reach a higher level. Apart from that, it can be used in hook and loft games as well. The special thing about this ball it has tech features that have the power to read the perfect lane which helps you to strike the whole frame of pins.

Overall, this pyramid bowling ball has all the necessary features that make it more familiar to the bowling community.

10. Storm Sure-Lock Reviews | Best Bowling Ball For Hook Beginners

The Storm Sure-Lock is another ball that hooks quite tight and will provide you with the entry angle you require. This ball gets excellent reviews from bowlers of all skill levels.

Whether it’s your first reactive ball or you’ve bowled for decades, the sure-lock is a magnificent ball. It will carry through the headboards great, but when it sees some friction, it’ll hook strong and has great pin carry.

Several people have had success with this ball with a variety of pin layouts. Make sure you communicate with your pro shop operator and see which layout will work suitably for you.

Storm lovers will love this one, and if you haven’t bowled Storm products before, this ball will leave a lasting impression.

  • Core: Rad-X™ Core
  • Coverstock: GI-17™ Solid Reactive
  • Finish: 2000 Abralon
  • Weight 12-16 lbs.
  • RG: 2.48
  • Differential: 0.054
  • Ideal Lane Condition: Heavy Oil

11. Track Alias Reviews

The Track Alias is the strongest hooking ball that Track has to offer. However, it is significant that your drilling layout is done well to ensure you get the performance you want.

This ball will hit the dry boards and instantly start to snap toward the pocket. For someone with a high rev rate. This ball may be too much for your typical house shot, but for sports patterns, this is correctly what you require.

The ball requires oil to read perfectly, but when it’s there, it will punch hard and damage the pins.

  • Core: Alias Asymmetrical
  • Coverstock: Prime Hybrid
  • Finish: 500/2000 Abralon
  • Weight 12-16 lbs.
  • RG: 2.49
  • Ideal Lane Condition: Heavy Oil
  • Ideal Lane Condition: Heavy oil

12. Hammer Rip’d Solid

The Hammer Rip’s Solid is a highly reactive heavy-oil ball. When Hammer formed the Rip’d core, and the Aggression CFI cover stock they published two versions of the Rip’d balls.

The Rip’d, and the Rip’d hard. The Rip’d has a reactive hybrid cover stock while the Rip’d Solid has a reactive solid coverstock. It is the most powerful ball currently in the Hammer line-up.

If you are a follower of Hammer’s balls, and you need a powerful hook, you should check out the Rip’d Solid.

  • Core: Rip’d
  • Coverstock: Aggression Solid CFI
  • Finish: 500/1000/2000 Abralon
  • Weight 12-16 lbs.
  • RG Min: 2.486
  • Differential: 0.054
  • Ideal Lane Condition: Heavy oil
Buyer's Guide

What Do You Need To Consider Before Buying The Best Bowling Ball For Hook?

While using the best bowling ball for hook will help you to become a pro bowler within a short period. Every ball is not suited to every bowler so you need to choose such kind of ball which is suited to you according to your experience.

That’s how you would be able to generate excellent performance in any lane conditions. Wisely choosing the best bowling ball is the major aspect of the game that often can affect your performance. Before choosing your best bowling balls, there are some important factors that you need to consider:

The Perfect Weight Of The Ball:

Whether you’re a kid or a youngster, the weight of the ball is decided by how efficiently you play the game. So do not choose the wrong weight of the ball as it may put you in a dangerous situation.

We suggest you choose the perfect weight of the ball which is more suited to you. Most of the balls come with a weight of between 13 lbs to 16 lbs. Now it depends on you what kind of weight range you’re going to choose.

Cover Stock Of The Ball:

Coverstock is one of the most important factors that you need to consider before buying your best bowling ball. As the good cover stock decides how efficiently your ball moves on the lane.

Three different types of cover stock are available such as polyesters, urethane, and reactive resin. However, if you choose the best material bowling ball, it will provide you with a smooth grip that will make you able to throw the ball at the perfect lanes without facing any problems. So do not compromise on the low-quality coverstock.

Get It Drilled

Most high hook potential bowling balls come without drilling which means you have to drill it by yourself which may provide you comfortable grip. After drilling the ball you can have a great hook and full motion that gives the enough power to hit the maximum pins.

Mostly it depends on which level you’re playing for. As a professional, you would not face any problem with drilling it but as a beginner bowler, you will have to adjust it and dill it properly. The only best bowling ball allows you to generate high performance at any lane conditions.


Every ball has different friction with the finish of the cover stock that moves the ball at the perfect lane. A glossy finish ball gives less friction and hook than a dull finish ball. The dull finish gives the smoother and arc-shaped hook even the shiny finish offers the flip type of hook.



What Is The Best Bowling Ball For Throwing A Hook?

Answer: In our list, Pyramid Curse Designed is the most suited bowling ball which is the best choice for throwing the hook. The specialty of this ball, it has an amazing structure and the perfect tech features as well. Even it is more suited for both beginners and pro bowlers for any lane condition. All you have to do just need to take some practice with this ball.

What Bowling Ball Is Best For A Low Hook?

Answer: For those bowlers, who like to have low hook potential, they should choose the Brunswick Deep Space bowling ball. However, it has an amazing graphic that makes sure to move the ball when rolling it. Along with that it also gives high performance in heavy oil lane conditions without worrying about the motion of the ball.

Is A Heavier Bowling Ball Better?

Answer: The heavier bowling ball is most probably suited to the experienced bowler as they are well aware of it to swing and release the ball. Therefore, if you have never experienced the heavier ball, we advise you not to use it in your match until you don’t have experience with the heavier ball. The heavier ball generates lots of good results as compared to the lightweight ball. But having, experience does not go with it.

What Weight Of The Bowling Ball Should I Use?

Answer: All the best bowling ball for hook comes in various sizes and weight so it depends on you what kind of weight is perfect for you have to choose according to your skill and experience level.

However, if you have been playing as beginners then the lightweight ball is more suited for them but if you have been playing like a pro bowler so you should choose the heavier ball as it has more ability to hit the maximum pins.

Final Words

Conclusion For Bowling Ball For Hook:

The hook of a bowling ball is based on some major factors which have included the lane condition, the way of releasing the ball, and most important the type of bowling ball. Therefore, choosing the best bowling ball for the hook is one of the most important things that often decide the right type of hook on the lane.

Many best bowling balls for hook are out there but some of the best balls we have described in our list to improve your performance level. We are damn sure, this whole review would be very helpful for you but it depends on how much you have passion for buying this ball.

After reading this whole review, you would be able to choose the best one which would be suitable to your style and different lane condition. Now you don’t need to go somewhere else for buying your best ball, as there is enough information for you that will make you fully satisfied with buying it.

Top 10 Best Bowling Ball Review For Straight Bowlers

Bowling balls are a versatile game that is the favorite of everyone. Especially when you get bored of routine work and want to hang out with friends then a bowling ball is the best option. The professionals play this game with great efficiency and they use different techniques to win the game.

But What About Beginners And Newbies?

Do they have to learn advanced hook techniques to enjoy the pleasure of this game? Or they still can enjoy playing with friends without having advanced skills? Do they need some special bowling balls or other equipment?

Well, the answer to all the above questions is so simple….

Yes, you can still play with bowling balls without having advanced-level skills by using a beginner bowling ball.

A beginner bowling ball offers less hook potential and straight shots. That means your ball shouldn’t curve, spin, or hook while striking the lane.


Today, we will discuss the best bowling balls for straight bowlers so that they could enjoy the best gaming experience. Usually, bowling balls with plastic or urethane coverstocks offer straight shots for beginners and newbies.

1.     Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

  • Durable bowling ball
  • Impressive design and color options are available
  • Affordable bowling ball
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • You can’t find a pre-drilled ball
  • Polyester coverstock
  • Pyramid quality
  • Perfect Scale Rating: 5.0
  • Delivers performance on dry lanes

Starting with the Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is an ideal choice for straight bowlers. This bowling ball delivers impressive performance to players with versatile skill levels. It offers a perfectly straight-line motion with minimal hook potential or flare potential.

The beginners and bowlers with intermediate skill levels with its perfect lane motion on dry to medium oil patterns. Dry lane conditions with straight shots are the favorite of beginners and advanced bowlers who love to play on medium oil patterns.

The Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is designed with a polyester coverstock that makes the ball durable and long-lasting. This polyester bowling ball with a pancake core is not only durable but also offers predictable lane motion.

If you are not comfortable with pre-drilled bowling balls and need a custom ball then it could be your choice.

It is available in various sizes and color options making it a luxurious versatile bowling ball available at a reasonable cost. So overall for every gender, bowler of different categories with different skill levels this ball would suit everyone.


  • Perfect Scale: 5.0
  • RG: N/A
  • Differential: N/A
  • Flare Potential: N/A
  • Bowling Ball Cleaner: Monster Tac
  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9 x 9 x 9 inches; 8 Pounds
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ November 3, 2016
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Pyramid
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B01M8Q2SY4

2.     Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

Brunswick Deep Space

  • Amazing stylish design
  • Multiple color options are available
  • Different size options are also available
  • Low hook potential allows perfect straight shots
  • An ideal choice for beginners on dry lanes
  • Heavy bowling ball
  • plastic/polyester Coverstock
  • High Gloss Polish finish
  • Low hook potential
  • Offers performance on dry lanes

The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball is one of the best and most affordable straight-shot bowling balls for beginners. The beginners would find it an effective and impressive bowling ball for playing straight shots. On the other hand, the pros could have the best spare ball.

This affordable multicolored bowling ball delivers great performance on the dry lanes. The deep space color with perfect glittery graphics makes it an eye-catching option.

The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball is available in different size options like 6lbs and 10lbs to 15lbs. it means from kids to adults from beginners to pros everyone would find it a suitable choice. Not only size options but they are available in different color combinations.

Therefore recreational bowlers could have a perfect choice as the Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball. A high gloss polish finish with low hook potential combines to make it an ideal bowling ball for straight bowlers.


  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎02 x 7.99 x 7.99 inches; 6 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ 60-105911966
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎com, LLC — Dropship
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B071R521RC

3.     Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball- Best Kind Of Bowling Ball For Straight Bowler

Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball

  • Ideal consistent lane movement
  • Professionals could have an ideal spare ball option
  • Perfect choice for beginners
  • Available in many color combinations
  • Doesn’t perform on medium oil patterns
  • U1S urethane coverstock
  • Traditional 3-piece core
  • White/black color
  • High gloss polish finish
  • Works on any lane condition

Presenting a Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball with urethane coverstock. This durable and beginner-friendly bowling ball will never leave you disappointed. You would admire the reactive and durable urethane coverstock that adds life to it.

We will recommend you choose this urethane bowling ball once you have passed the beginner level. When you are pretty sure about your skills then you allow to use this ball for perfect transitions on the lane.

Moreover, the pros should try this bowling ball to achieve success on dry lanes. The urethane coverstock is combined with a traditional 3-core weight block to deliver perfect control and motion on any lane.

The Storm Mix Urethane Bowling Ball could be a perfect partner for your future leagues and tournaments. But you should keep it well maintained and cleaned before you take it for your leagues. This black and white bowling ball is offering you a variety of size options to choose from.


  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9 x 9 x 9 inches; 6 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ BBPTXI06
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Storm
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00W1VE83G

4.     DV8 Just Black Bowling Ball With Free Shoulder Sack

  • Free shoulder sack is offered
  • Professional bowlers can keep it as an ideal spare ball
  • Perfect choice for beginners
  • Durable bowling ball
  • Comes in an undrilled version
  • Polyester coverstock
  • Black color
  • High polish finishing
  • Delivers performance on all lanes

Adding another ideal straight bowling ball for beginners and bowlers with intermediate skill levels. The DV8 Black Bowling Ball is constructed with an ideal polyester coverstock. The polyester cover of this ball offers quite straight shots on the dry lanes.

Beginners and intermediate bowlers could achieve their straight-shot goals with DV8 Black Bowling Ball. And professional bowlers should keep it as a spare bowling ball to clear the remaining pins from the deck with a single straight shot.

The perfect black color of this bowling ball attracts everyone and you would fall in love with its stylish aesthetics. The DV8 has a high polish gloss finish that is responsible for its straight and smooth movement on any lane with perfection.

This simple black bowling ball is available in multiple weight options varying from 6 lbs to 16 lbs. Whether you are a kid, beginner, or advanced-level bowler, you can achieve your preferred weight.


  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ June 25, 2014
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ DV8 Bowling Products
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00LA4WKTY

5.     Motiv Hyper Sniper

  • A durable bowling ball that offers performance
  • Delivers a predictable motion on the lane
  • Attractive appearance
  • Pros can keep as a perfect spare ball
  • Works with only dry lanes
  • Urethane reactive coverstock
  • RG of 2.68
  • differential of 0.010
  • 500 grip LSP finish

A perfect bowling ball for straight bowlers who don’t have advanced-level bowling skills but want to practice. When you are a beginner you need a durable bowling ball that could offer you perfect beginner shots. The motive hyper sniper is designed with urethane coverstock and hollow core to deliver ideal performance on dry lanes.

The hollow core and urethane cover are combined to offer perfect control and balance on the lane. It is ideal for beginners and a satisfactory spare ball for professionals. The high gloss finish makes it an ideal and smooth bowling ball on dry lanes.

The motive hyper sniper offers low hook and flare potential due to RG of 2.68 and differential of 0.010. The beautiful color combinations of green and orange with a 500-grip LSP finish make it even more attractive and stylish. It is a perfect square ball for beginners and pros could have a spare ball.

This amazing straight bowling ball is available in different size options starting from 12 lbs to 16 lbs. which means it fits everyone’s choice and style.


  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎4 x 9.1 x 8.6 inches; 12 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ MTVBSPLO12
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ April 23, 2017
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ MOTIV
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07169LXP6

6.     Storm Ice Blue/White

  • Impressive choice as a spare ball for pros
  • Delivers performance on all lanes
  • Gives a predictable performance
  • Long-lasting bowling ball
  • Expensive bowling ball
  • Polyester coverstock
  • 3500 grit polish finishing
  • High gloss polish finishing
  • Perfect for any lane surface

The storm is again back with a powerful straight polyester bowling ball. The polyester storm bowling ball is durable and offers great performance on any lane. The polyester coverstock is wrapped around a traditional 3-piece core that offers complete control on the lane.

Beginners would love its attractive ice-blue aesthetics. Also, its 3500 grit polish finish makes it perfect on the relevant lane and delivers smooth motion. The 3500 grit polish finish enables the ball to reach through the pins with great consistency and continuity.

It is suitable for all lane conditions and allows beginners to rock the event. Moreover, advanced bowlers can choose it as a great spare bowling ball for dry lanes.

When comes to achieving highly durable and predictable bowling then storm ice blue should be your choice. Beginners could achieve their goals with great lane length while striking with the pins. It is available in different size options but the prices would be different.


  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ November 2, 2016
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Storm
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07NJZDJCD

7.     Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

Maxim Bowling Ball by Ebonite

  • An ideal choice for casual bowlers
  • An impressive choice for beginners
  • Multiple size options
  • Attractive appearance
  • Not a wise selection for professional bowlers
  • Polyester coverstock
  • Purple/Royal/Silver color
  • High polish finish
  • Perfect performance on dry lanes

Ebonite is making high-quality bowling balls for multiple categories of bowlers including beginners and pros. Therefore Ebonite has manufactured this polyester bowling ball for beginners and intermediate bowlers.

A perfect beginner bowling ball for straight shots designed with polyester coverstock. It is durable and performs effectively on dry lanes. The ideal color combination of Purple/Royal/Silver makes it more beautiful.

It is an ideal choice for weekend or holiday meet-up plans with friends and cousins. You can just grab it when playing on dry lanes to achieve perfect straight shots. It delivers high performance with great lane length to hit the pins with great strength.

The beginners could play ideal straight shots with Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball. Where pros and bowlers who have learned basic bowling techniques could choose it as a spare bowling ball.


  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 18 x 13 x 11 inches; 6 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ EB133 13
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ June 5, 2013
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Ebonite
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00DE9M12Y

8.     Columbia 300 White Dot Lava Bowling Ball

White Dot Lava Bowling Ball by Columbia 300

  • Attractive design and graphics
  • Perfect choice for beginners
  • Delivers a constant performance
  • Durable bowling ball
  • Doesn’t offer impressive performance on dry lanes

The newbies have to go through all the difficult levels of learning new skills and techniques. Therefore they need a high-quality durable bowling ball that could allow them to practice for long hours.

To make the entire process easy and profitable Columbia 300 has a white dot lava bowling ball. Newbies would love to practice with this amazing bowling ball. The Columbia 300 White Dot Lava Bowling Ball allows beginners to play consistently high-quality shots on any lane condition.

The pancake core is coupled with polyester coverstock to offer performance and durability at the same time. The perfect combination of orange and black makes the aesthetics of this ball amazing and attractive.


  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9 x 9 x 9 inches; 12 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ 029744016405
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ April 25, 2018
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Columbia 300
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B07CNCRWQW

9.     Globe Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball

  • Attractive and eye-appealing design graphics
  • Ideal control & balance
  • Perfect choice for kids and newbies
  • Predictable
  • Need to get drilled from a local shop
  • Plastic polyester coverstock
  • Undrilled bowling ball
  • High gloss finish
  • Many color options
  • Works on all lane surfaces

The Globe Viz-A-Ball Bowling Ball is a clear bowling ball with plastic/polyester coverstock. An attractive image of the whole globe is embedded in this ball which makes it so attractive. Recreational bowlers and beginners would love not only its aesthetics but also its straight shots.

This fantastic bowling ball has a feature of glow under the black light that will make you happy during night sessions. It is one of the best clear beginner bowling balls that is designed with polyester coverstock.

It is not available on the pre-drilled version but you need to get it drilled from your local pro shop. This might be a pro for people who want un-drilled balls so that they could achieve their favorite grip.  But it can add extra expense and burden on your pocket.


  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ July 23, 2007
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Brunswick Bowling Products
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00DIRAQJ2

10.  Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow Bowling Ball

Brunswick Lizard Eye Bowling Ball Review

  • Works perfectly on all lane surfaces
  • Attractive appearance
  • Have feature of Glow in the black light
  • Available in different size options
  • Expensive bowling ball
  • Plastic coverstock
  • Glows in the dark
  • Amazing lizard eye aesthetics
  • Color: Blue/Green/White
  • 6 lbs weight

Talking about clear bowling balls then how we can neglect Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow? This is an amazing bowling ball for straight bowlers that offers great performance in all-lane conditions. The 360-degree graphics of the lizard eye glow makes it an attractive ball.

The Brunswick Lizard Eye Glow features glow in the dark making it a more attractive and stylish bowling ball. The plastic coverstock gains make the graphics more clear and more polished.

The lizard eye glow delivers appealing performance in all lane conditions. Whereas other plastic bowling balls are only designed for dry lanes. It is somehow expensive but available in seven different size options.


  • Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9 x 9 x 9 inches; 6 Pounds
  • Item model number ‏ : ‎ BRU604005073459457
  • Date First Available ‏ : ‎ July 20, 2011
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎com, LLC — Dropship
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B001NFMS6U
Buyer's Guide

Buying Guide

When we are searching ball for a specific need such as straight shots then our half requirement is fixed. But other than choosing a specific category we also need to check some other features. These features affect your overall performance in the alley.

Here are some of the key features and specs you must look for while choosing a ball.


Coverstock is the top factor that affects the motion of the ball on the lane. When you choose the ball for a specific need then it is crucial to focus on coverstock material. If you are searching a bowling ball for straight shots then it is obvious that you don’t want any curves in the ball movement.

Therefore you should always select the ball with coverstock offering low hook or flare potential. For this need, a plastic or polyester coverstock is the best. The plastic bowling balls are durable and offer less hook potential.

Consequently, you can achieve straight shots with plastic coverstock.

On the other hand resin, reactive and some urethane coverstocks offer high flare potential. Which is not suitable for straight bowlers. But some urethane bowling balls especially urethane pearlized coverstocks offer less hook potential.

In particular requirements of straight shots, you should consider plastic or pearlized urethane coverstocks.

Polish Finishing

When it is about achieving the best bowling ball for straight bowlers then you should also check the polish or finishing of the ball. Because the polish of the ball specifies the friction between the lane and the ball. High friction is responsible for high hook potential and not suitable for straight shots.

Therefore polishing or finishing the ball matters a lot. You should choose the ball with a high gloss finish of 2000 or above. This will assist you to achieve the required straight shots.

Weight Of The Ball

The weight of the bowling ball determines the level of comfort and performance you achieve. A bowling ball that is too light is easy to hold but you can’t expect performance on the lane.

On the other hand, a ball that is on the too much heavier side causes early fatigue and therefore low-quality performance you experience.

So to achieve the desired quality performance you should always find your ideal weight of the ball. you can do this by checking more than one ball on the alley.

Cost Of The Ball

Other than all the features the most important factor is the cost of the bowling ball. If you are a beginner and think that an expensive bowling ball will make you a champion then it’s a wrong myth.

You should always start with an affordable bowling ball. After achieving advanced bowling skills you can shift to high-end expensive bowling balls.

The Runner-up Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

After testing all the bowling balls with deep research we found that Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball is overall the best bowling ball. This could be a great option for all beginners and pros.

The ball is a little bit heavier but if you are a professional bowler having strong muscles then you must give it a try.

The Winner Pyramid Path Bowling Ball

After examining a huge list of the top 10 best bowling balls for straight bowlers we decided that the Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is the winner. We would suggest you the Pyramid Path Bowling Ball as the best overall ball for straight bowlers.

It offers impressive straight shots with low hook potential. Moreover, it is an affordable option for both beginners and pros. The plastic coverstock makes it a durable bowling ball with attractive graphics.



What Is The Most Reasonable Ball For Straight Bowling?

The central point that oversees the nature of straight bowling balls is their coverstock. Plastic/Polyester coverstocks are the best appropriate covers all things considered. In any case, these days Urethane is likewise a famous material for this reason.

How To Point While Bowling A Straight Ball?

The center point while utilizing straight bowling balls relies upon the predominant hand of the bowler. Right-handed bowlers should focus on the subsequent bolt gazing from the right while left-handers ought to go for the second bolt from the left.

It is smarter to try not to zero in on the pins as the major oiled locales of the path lie in its middle. In this manner, a sideways toss will offer the ball more footing and give higher exactness and better development.

How To Be A Decent Straight Bowler?

In request to further develop your straight bowling capacities:

  • Guarantee that you keep the wrist straight while tossing and place your palm precisely underneath the ball.
  • Easily swing your ruling arm to and fro to acquire inactivity.
  • While swinging in the outward (forward) heading discharge the ball precisely at the occurrence when the ball arrives at the level of your lower leg.
  • Face your palm up all through the interaction and keep the hand straight and upstanding.

What Are The Negative Marks Of Bowling Straight?

With straight bowling, it is somewhat interesting to unstick more pins. For example, on the off chance that you center around the lead pins, because of the high latency of the ball, the pins may take off leaving the rest standing immaculate.

Ordinarily, you can be left with focal pins standing solitary even with the high exactness of the toss. Anticipating the pin dislodging gets truly challenging with straight balls.

Final Words

Conclusion – Best Bowling Ball For Straight Bowler:

We know that every person’s credibility and bowling style is different. Therefore we make sure to cover all the bowling styles and lane conditions while choosing the best bowling balls for you. We have listed the top 10 best bowling balls for straight bowlers.

If you are also a straight bowler then you can consider our list to buy your favorite bowling ball. You can also check our buying guide to grab a suitable bowling ball always.

Spare Bowling Ball And Best Bowling Ball Review

Welcome to this article, We are going to guide you through step-by-step Best Spare Bowling Ball Reviews [Buyer’s Guide].

A good quality spare bowling ball distinguishes between an ok bowler and a good bowler. Therefore you must find the best spare bowling ball that is made for you.

Because having a spare bowling ball is essential for any bowler but you can’t find your targeted spare ball easily. You just can’t find the spare bowling ball that matches your bowling style and requirements. This is a time taking task that demands your whole attention.

Therefore we have decided to make your problem solved. We have researched for you and found some of the best spare bowling balls that could satisfy your requirements.

Here are the top 10 best spare bowling balls for beginners and pros. At the end of this article, you will find a buying guide to choosing the best spare bowling ball. And we will also help to clear some questions arising in your mind.

1.        Hammer Black Widow Spare Bowling Ball

  • Durable coverstock
  • Offers great shots
  • Perfect for beginners and pros
  • Gives ideal control
  • None

Hammer is producing high-quality bowling balls for years to cater to different categories of bowlers including beginners and pros.

A widow spare bowling ball is the top choice for both beginners and pros. With its durable plastic coverstock, it offers perfect straight shots to clear the deck. Since it is durable therefore it will cater the beginners for a long period. The gas mask core and 2000 Abralon with Powerhouse factory finish polish combine to deliver high-end performance.

2.        Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball

  • Durable coverstock
  • Offers medium hook potential
  • Delivers precise straight shots on medium-oiled lanes
  • Versatile drilling options
  • Color is not vibrant as shown in the picture
  • Doesn’t curve well

An ideal spare bowling ball for professional bowlers with pearl reactive coverstock and symmetric core. The Pyramid Path Rising Bowling Ball offers perfect grip and medium flare potential on dry lanes. Overall it performs ideally in medium lane conditions.

Its high-end performance is ensured by its 1500-Grit Abralon/Factory Polish Finish. Multiple drilling options are available for bowlers to achieve their favorite hole configuration.

3.        Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

  • Ideal straight shots
  • Budget-friendly
  • Great aesthetics
  • Perfect spare bowling ball for all skill levels
  • Not durable
  • Doesn’t hook at all

Ebonite is another great manufacturer of high-end bowling balls. They produce versatile bowling balls with great accuracy.

The ebonite maxim wins our hearts with its beautiful aesthetics. Attractive color and design give you confidence in grabbing your spare bowling ball in the league. It is the best budget-friendly bowling ball with durable plastic coverstock. Its ideal features make it the best bowling ball for bowlers of different categories.

4.        Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball

  • Attractive aesthetics
  • Multiple color combinations are available
  • Versatile drilling options
  • Reasonable price
  • Doesn’t come pre-drilled

If you are in search of a top-quality spare bowling ball available in various color combinations then you can’t miss this one.

The Brunswick Tzone Deep Space Bowling Ball is one of the best spare bowling balls with attractive aesthetics and amazing color combinations. If you want a custom bowling ball then this is a great option for you.

It doesn’t come pre-drilled but you need to get it drilled from a local pro shop. This might be a con for budget-conscious people and a pro for one who is looking for a versatile bowling ball.

5.        DV8 Zombie Bowling Ball

  • Durable polyester coverstock
  • High gloss polish finish
  • Durable
  • Perfect straight shots
  • None

DV8 is a well know manufacturer of versatile and clear bowling balls. This zombie bowling ball is also a clear bowling ball with amazing aesthetics.

If you love Halloween parties then this is your best partner. For Halloween interior décor, you should choose this zombie spare bowling ball. Polyester coverstock and high glass polish finish making it a perfect spare bowling ball. It is the best durable and easy-to-use bowling ball that helps all bowlers to clear the left pins on the deck.

6.        Storm Clear Bowling Ball Clear Bowling Ball

  • Simple aesthetics
  • Durable polyester material
  • Delivers straight shots
  • Less hook potential
  • None

The storm is one of the huge manufacturers of quality bowling balls. We have listed some of the top storm bowling balls earlier so that you could recognize their quality.

If you are a simplicity lover then it should be your top choice with simple and beautiful aesthetics. The polyester coverstock combined with 3 piece core delivers high-end performance. This cost-effective bowling ball with durable polyester coverstock will deliver ideal straight shots to clear the deck. The high gloss finish makes it easy to control and reduces the hook potential.

7.        Motiv Bowling Products Midnight Sniper Bowling Ball

  • Durable urethane coverstock
  • Symmetric core
  • Gives straight motion regardless of the lane condition
  • Less hook potential means straight motion
  • None

The Motiv Midnight Sniper Bowling Ball is made with urethane coverstock and a symmetrical core. The urethane coverstock and symmetrical core combine to give a straight motion down the lane. The symmetrical core is easy to handle on all lanes. Urethane coverstock adds more life to the ball and makes it long-lasting.

8.        Storm Ice Storm Blue/White

  • Pearlized coverstock adds durability
  • 3 piece traditional core offers ideal movement
  • Ideal grit polish finishing
  • Budget-friendly
  • Doesn’t come pre-drilled

The pearlized coverstock is wrapping up the traditional 3 piece core. The 3500 grit polished factory finish plays an important role in its motion down the lane. It doesn’t come pre-drilled but you need to get it drilled from a local pro shop. This could add some extra cost but you will be able to get your favorite finger-hole configurations.

9.        Brunswick Products Lizard Glow Viz-A Bowling Ball

  • Ideal spare bowling ball
  • Best for kids and beginners
  • Glow in the dark
  • Perfectly shiny finishing
  • Not a pro bowling ball
  • Doesn’t come pre-drilled

Everyone looks to fall in love with this Lizard Glow Viz-A Bowling Ball in the market. Especially the young generation loves this trilling Lizard Glow Viz-A Bowling Ball. The polyester coverstock makes the embedded image more clear and more polished. Brunswick is keeping their promise of providing quality bowling balls to its customers.

10.  Roto Grip Own It Red Clear Polyester Bowling Ball

  • Durable polyester coverstock
  • High gloss factory polish finish
  • One year warranty
  • 3 piece core ensures ideal performance
  • None

The roto grip offers high-quality grip and straight motion down the lane with polyester coverstock. When a professional bowler purchases a spare bowling ball he dreams of achieving a durable one. This roto grip polyester bowling ball comes with one year warranty. That ensures its performance, quality, and durability.

If You Are A Two-Handed Bowler Then What Is Best For You?

The position and structure of the weight block or core identify whether it is made for a normal bowler or a two-handed bowler. The bowling balls listed above are best for two-handed bowlers and are fitted with symmetric cores.

Hammer Black Widow Spare Bowling Ball

Hammer OTB Black Widow Black Spare Bowling Ball

  • Solid bowling ball
  • Durable coverstock with impressive gas mask core
  • Perfect for professional bowlers
  • None

Hammer is producing versatile bowling balls for bowlers of different categories. This black widow spare bowling ball works great for all bowlers with different styles. It delivers precise shots with great accuracy. The perfect weight makes it an ideal spare bowling ball. With polyester coverstock and gas mask core, it delivers perfect shots.

Buyer's Guide

Buying Guide

Here are some of the top factors that affect the performance of your spare bowling ball.


The spare bowling ball must be made up of durable plastic/polyester material. Because a spare bowling ball must be solid so deliver straight shots. The professionals have already high-end bowling balls in their bags. They are buying spare balls to clear the extra pins from the deck. Therefore only a plastic spare ball can deliver straight shots to meet their requirements.


The weight of a bowling ball always affects your overall performance. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a professional bowling ball or a spare ball. You must choose the ball with an ideal weight that is suitable for your body type. But a spare bowling ball is always a pound less than your normal bowling ball. You can try multiple balls to find a suitable weight option.

Straight shots

The main reason for buying a spare bowling ball is to achieve straight shots. Because the professionals have already expensive tools in their bags. Therefore you need to buy a ball that could deliver straight shots.

When you see that you have done maximum with your expensive ball having high hook potential. But there is still a pin on the deck that needs a straight shot to get cleared. Then you need to bring your spare bowling ball out of the bag.


When you are buying a spare bowling ball then you won’t face any budget issues. Because almost all spare bowling balls are made with plastic material resulting in budget-friendly products.

If you are a professional bowler then you have already an expensive high-performance bowling ball. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a spare bowling ball. Therefore try to choose the best bowling ball with straight shots available at a reasonable cost.


Multiple brands are making high-quality professional bowling balls. Like Brunswick, Hammer, Storm, and many more. You should always choose a bowling ball made by a trusted brand. Because the brands never put their name in danger by making low-quality items. So you can trust a well-known brand for purchasing a spare bowling ball.

Why Do Pros Leep 2 Balls?

Professional bowlers always keep more than one bowling ball in their arsenal. A high-performance expensive bowling ball with high hook potential and a spare bowling ball with low hook potential. The pros always keep two or more bowling balls because they play their important roles relatively.

A high-performance bowling ball cannot deliver straight shots and a spare ball cannot hook well. Therefore both balls have their jobs to get done. A superior bowling ball is generally made of responsive tar or urethane, at any rate, giving a bowler snare potential and a cover stock surface that slices and extends through the heaviest of oil designs.

This is ideally suited for a bowler’s initially shot where snare viciousness and back-end activity are basic to causing the greatest pain to convey with each of the ten pins put.

Or on the other hand, unfortunately enough yet it occurs, a split? You’ll have to supplant your typical snare shot with a straight-line shot that focuses on a specific pin in a specific spot with viability and precision.

That is the place where an extra bowling ball comes in. Generally made of polyester/plastic, an extra bowling ball responds substantially less to path conditions than a superior bowling ball. Consequently, it’s simpler to keep on the path for more and with a lot more noteworthy straight-line exactness.

In this way, a decent bowler utilizes these two bowling balls for two different shots – all with the particular, communicated reason for expanding scores and making the best out of any circumstance that surfaces on the path.

Best Types Of Grips On Spare Bowling Balls:

It is misunderstood that you should stick with a conventional grip when using a spare bowling ball. But that’s not true you should choose the grip you feel comfortable with. If you are used to fingertip grip then you don’t need to worry about adapting conventional grip.

You just need performance not the level of grip. To find the best grip, you can just release the ball with your favorite grip and see the ball’s movement. The conventional grip is no doubt preferred to reduce the hook potential.

But that doesn’t mean that you should switch your whole finger-hole configuration. Because only a comfortable hand and grip are needed to play a perfect shot.

Final Words

Conclusion For Spare Bowling Ball:

The best extra bowling balls out there mix toughness with exactness in a manner that gives the ideal contradiction and equilibrium to your “strike bowling ball.” Built to oppose snare potential for pinpoint single-pin precision, an incredible extra bowling ball will add several focuses to your game.

Tracking down the right extra bowling ball is similarly just about as significant as tracking down the right superior bowling ball to lead with, if not more so with regards to wiping out open casings and guaranteeing a scorecard loaded with marks.

Symmetrical Vs Asymmetrical Bowling Balls:

What is the difference between Asymmetrical vs Symmetrical bowling balls? The construction of the bowling ball center and, finally, the evolving differential ratios, are all based on bowling ball symmetry.

The difference between the most extreme and least extreme Period of Gyration in a bowling ball is known as differential (RG). The radius of gyration, or RG, is the distance from the pivot of revolution at which a body’s total mass can be concentrated without increasing its moment of inertia.

In layman’s terms, symmetrical penetrated bowling balls surrender little differential proportions. Little differential proportions will deliver a smooth, controllable movement when compared to a topsy-turvy ball.

In comparison, deviated penetrated balls appear to have a characterized, precise movement. At the breaking point, these balls have more range and respond to touch faster than symmetrical balls.

The estimate of RG is related to the mass dispersion in a bowling ball. High RG values indicate that the mass of the ball is dispersed more toward the cover.

The construction of the bowling ball center and, finally, the evolving differential ratios, are all based on bowling ball symmetry. The difference between the most extreme and least extreme Period of Gyration in a bowling ball is known as differential (RG).

The radius of gyration, or RG, is the distance from the pivot of revolution at which a body’s total mass can be concentrated without increasing its moment of inertia. In layman’s terms, symmetrical penetrated bowling balls surrender little differential proportions.

Little differential proportions will deliver a smooth, controllable movement when compared to a topsy-turvy ball. In comparison, deviated penetrated balls appear to have a characterized, precise movement.

At the breaking point, these balls have more range and respond to touch faster than symmetrical balls. The estimate of RG is related to the mass dispersion in a bowling ball. High RG values indicate that the mass of the ball is dispersed more toward the cover.

What Is A Symmetrical Core?

To clarify we are talking almost centers here and non-drilled balls. Once the ball is bored for fingers and thumb gaps, at that point all balls got to be Topsy-turvy to a point, and the differential of + or – 5% gets to be the choosing factor.

The symmetrical center is where the RG (radius of gyration) differential between the tall and moo tomahawks varies by less than 5%. So since this differential number is planning to be less, at that point ready to anticipate the Flare Potential to be less or less snare at the breaking point.

The Symmetrical Center is the same around the ball at the slightest on one pivot say even, but not vertical. This ought to provide a smoother line, with fewer points, and a ball that begins to snare sooner, with a smoother bend to the stash.

Typically, vital since it implies the lower the RG differential, the less Deviated or lower the snare rating on the ball will be. Or the more Symmetrical or smoother the ball and less flare within the snare movement.

Here Are Some Examples Of Symmetrical Bowling Balls:

1. Storm Marvel Pearl

  • Great for lengthy shots
  • Powerful
  • Balanced and accurate
  • Only great if controlled

There is a very small amount of pearl reactive bowling balls in the market that provide you with a balanced hook potential and smoothness like the storm marvel. This ball has a pearlized cover stock providing a great feel and smoothness which is very important for a stroker.

This ball provides a great and powerful and great back-end performance. The Storm Marvel Pearl has an incredible full hook, but it’s the overall smoothness with which it delivers those hooks that makes it a stroker’s dream ball.

The aggressive R2X Pearl Reactive cover stock is perfectly counterbalanced by the symmetrical center of the ball, giving it extra lane length. This pearlized ball has one of the most powerful back-end reactions we’ve ever seen in a pearlized ball.

You’ll hear a boom when the pin hits the ground, no matter how smooth the release is. It will be a challenge to maintain hold of this ball if you aren’t calm enough to tame its wilder impulses. Only the smoothest and most confident launches are considered.

This ball loses its touch in drier soil conditions or when standard oil patterns begin to break down.  In these circumstances, have a backup strike ball on hand.

2. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball

  • Top-quality core design
  • Many weight ranges
  • Glows in the Dark
  • Known for its Uniqueness
  • inconsistent in oil patterns
  • can be cracked

A polyester rounded ball made up of high styling gives a great look. The Ebonite ball is the perfect spare to keep in your stack and is great for all the enthusiasts out there.

The night glow feature is very attractive to the eyes making the ball look even great for those who are all about looks. If trying to make an impression switch off the lights as the ball glows in the dark leaving everyone in awe!

This ball is perfect for both dry and heavy oily conditions so you are covered. It has a high-quality layer cover stack present.

The core is of a 3-piece design that allows to control be much better and more predictable. The is suitable for age groups whether you are a beginner or a pro out there. This ball has a unique design and can be used as a great spare ball. This ball has a wide range of weights and is best for all types of bowlers!

3. DV8 Zombie Spare Viz-A-Ball

symmetrical vs asymmetrical bowling balls

  • Perfect for straight shot
  • Best for beginners
  • Beautiful design
  • Affordable
  • Not preferred for left-handed people

The DV8 Zombie Spare Viz-A-Ball is one more charming expansion to their bowling balls. The ball features a lovely image of a Zombie with one eyeball oozing out and looking for his new prey.

Besides, the Symmetrical Bullet center won’t allow you to down and will give you incredible path control, assisting you with reliably accomplishing high scores many more than one shot.

The ball comes in four different weights and thus making it a superb ball for adult men and ladies bowlers. Since the ball isn’t pre-drilled, you’ll have to drill your pin layout.

4. Roto Grip Own It Red Clear Polyester Bowling Balls, 16-Pounds

  • Durable
  • Accurate
  • Less Hook
  • little expensive

Roto Grip is a great all-rounder ball that can serve the purpose of a great spare ball as it has 10 spare clear polyester Coverstock. Providing great accuracy and traction in all lane conditions. This Ball has a 3-piece Core Weight block is provides a great combo with the weight distribution.

This makes the bowl provide less hook which is what you need from a spare ball. The 3500-grit polish is great for heavy oil conditions.  The biggest thing is that you get a one-year warranty with this ball that can come in handy if it cracks. This ball is known for its toughness and consistency.

5. Motiv Midnight Sniper Bowling Ball

symmetrical vs asymmetrical bowling balls

  • Perfect for medium-dry conditions
  • High accuracy
  • Impressive core stability
  • Top-quality coverstock
  • Very expensive

One of the foremost disciplined urethane-covered balls with a unique design and top quality is the Motiv Midnight Sniper. it’s a surprisingly accurate ball that permits sling-like straight shots to smash off the spare pins smoothly.
It is not a pre-drilled ball which suggests that you simply can ask the expert to drill the ball exactly as per your bowling style. The ball performs perfectly overflow dry to moderate oil conditions. symmetrical vs asymmetrical bowling balls
It has a True Shot Polyethene coverstock that shows negligible frictional interactions with the surface and displays a well-disciplined and neat trajectory towards the rear end. The Hollowpoint core provides a lower hook which is great for better accuracy and so that you can keep the scoreboards running high.

6. Pyramid Clear Skull Bowling Ball

  • Best for a spare Ball
  • Fine Polished look
  • Accurate
  • Handle with care
  • Fragile

The foremost amazing viewpoint is that it comes with an unmistakable skull design. Don’t stress; it’ll not make freeze among your mates within the bowling alley. Interestingly, the cover stock is from clear polyester, which guarantees the permeability of the cranium.

Moreover, you may appreciate the feature of this cleaned bowling ball. It comes straight to the pins and strikes them just like the pound bowling balls. This bowling ball picked up ubiquity among the master players for its classic feel.

With the elite plan, you’ll see the center. Or, in case you need to be the center of consideration, it’s the correct bowling ball for you. It seldom misses the pins on a long deck. With a normal strike, you’ll reach your target.

7. Radical Counter Attack Solid

  • Suitable on oily surfaces
  • Progressive
  • None

Do you how this bowling ball performs? It comes within the snaring movement right after crossing the mid-path. The ball can perform way better in medium-heavy conditions. And on the off chance that you’re a fledgling, you’ll be able to effectively level the pins on the deck with a basic shot.

The plan of the ball lets it cover all the pins with a gigantic blast within the conclusion. The cover stock detailing is another furthermore in this bowling ball. Though the plan may be a bit comparable to its precursors, there are a few unpretentious changes.

The ball rolls down easily to the rear way. The continuation of the ball is smooth, and it goes through the pins effectively. When you play at a lower volume but need to control the paths, this can be the proper bowling ball for your arsenal.

It has parts of grinding but with smooth control era. The ball movement is appealing, and it can handle the smooth surface in a far better; higher; greater; improved, and stronger manner. The ball moves normally with a smooth move.

8. Motiv Forza GT

  • Excellent in different lane conditions
  • Fantastic traction
  • Heavy hitter
  • Not great at angles
  • Not that controllable

The motiv It is a great striking ball with extreme balance and control which always be a great heavy hitter. The initial strength of this ball is wonderful and amazing. Many strokers love this ball due to its consistency and accuracy as the down results show off.

This ball is a heavy hitter as it does not need as many revs to work with. An excellent choice for heavy hitters. With the 4000 grit LSS finish this ball is great in heavy oily conditions as it does not lose that much traction at all.

Buyer's Guide

What Is An Asymmetrical Core?

Here we discuss the research of some centers which help us understand the core better. Hilter kilter Center: This center innovation in comparison to the symmetrical centers could be exceptionally modern. But Topsy-turvy (Asymmetrical) centers have been around since the early 90s.

What characterizes a topsy-turvy center is in case you cut this sorting center in half from beat to foot, the two parts crease into each other and something is staying out on one side or the other avoiding it from being symmetrical.

I would say 85% of the tall execution and upper mid-performance balls in today’s industry have deviated. That’s since Asymmetrical balls snare a parcel more than symmetrical balls.

With that awkwardness as of now within the center sometime recently indeed boring these types of center, Asymmetrical balls “flare” impressively more than symmetrical balls.

Usually, an extraordinary center to have in your hands when the paths are intensely oiled, on the off chance that you wish to be deeper interior the path and snare the ball more, or rev challenged bowlers that require offer assistance from the ball to snare.

Once more a bit like the symmetrical balls, These are as it were a couple of times where Asymmetrical balls work.

 Asymmetrical Bowling Balls And The Best Bowling Ball Review:

When it comes to buying bowling balls people often don’t pay much attention to the internal construction. That’s might be for two reasons.

1: Beginners don’t know what’s essential to make a bowling ball perfect

2: advanced players run behind brands and never notice the internal factors

But if you want to get the maximum out of your bowling ball then you must choose it wisely. The market is full of top-quality bowling balls that are expensive too. But not every expensive ball is perfect for your playing style.

Every bowler has his specific bowling style and techniques. For straight shots, you have specific bowling balls that are designed with less hook potential. On the other hand, if you love releasing bowling balls with various angles then you need a bowling ball with high hook potential.

Today, we will focus on bowling balls with high hook potential. To attain high hook potential, you need a bowling ball with an asymmetric core.

If you visit the market you would see plenty of bowling balls designed with different specs. Whether it’s an online market or an offline market you would see multiple options from popular brands.

Every brand claims to manufacture high-quality bowling. When you have many options you get confused. If you want to grab your desired product that matches your requirements then you need to do deep research on each brand and product.

That’s tiring and time taking huh?

No, problem we are here to help you out in this critical situation. Our team of experts has done deep research and compiled a list of the top 8 best bowling balls with asymmetrical cores.

Read the thorough review to find your ideal bowling ball that meets your bowling style and requirements.

1. Roto Grip Cell Fused

best asymmetrical bowling ball

  • Integrated with the nucleus core
  • Comes packed in a hybrid coverstock
  • The bowling ball goes down the lane effortlessly
  • The ball delivers exceptional performance on oily lane patterns
  • You can release the ball with multiple angles
  • You need to use the Roto Grip cell-infused bowling ball on heavily oiled lanes

If you are looking for an aggressive asymmetrical bowling ball available in the market then ROTO Grip infused should be your choice. It is equipped with all the top-quality specs required to make it a superior-quality asymmetrical bowling ball.

It features eTrax-H18™ (eTrax = Enhanced Traction) coverstock with 1500 Grit Polished factory finish. On heavily oiled lane patterns it delivers outclass performance.

Roto features an asymmetrical Nucleus™ Core and allows you to release the bowling ball at versatile angles. With versatile angles and lane traction, it delivers aggressive performance.

Since it has high hook potential, therefore suggested using on heavily oiled lane patterns. The Roto grip cell-infused bowling ball delivers outstanding performance on heavily oiled lanes. Without having oil on the lane you cannot get the maximum out of your bowling ball.

2. Hammer Ripd Pearl

  • An aggression pearl CFI coverstock makes it a vital choice
  • Offers unparalleled performance on heavily oiled lanes
  • Offers great control while going with angular motion
  • Strong down lane motion
  • If there is no oil on the lane you won’t get the same performance

Hammer is one of the most popular and well-established bowling ball manufacturers in the market. The HAMMER RIPD PEARL comes with all aspects required to stand out in the bowling alley.

With Aggression Pearl CFI coverstock the HAMMER RIPD PEARL delivers unexpected performance on the lane. The bowling ball features Rip’d Asymmetric core that allows you to release the bowling ball from different angles.

Strength is shown when Aggression Pearl CFI coverstock is combined with 500/1000/3000 Abralon. It delivers exceptional performance on medium to heavily oiled lane patterns.

The HAMMER RIPD PEARL features high hook potential that ensures a heavy strike on the lane. This bowling ball easily reads the lane.

The HAMMER RIPD PEARL comes with exceptional strength due to Aggression Pearl CFI coverstock and Rip’d Asymmetric core. It’s a great choice for the house shot with 3 years of warranty.

3. Motiv Trident Abyss (Very Aggressive Bowling Ball)

  • It comes with the coercion Reactive Coverstock that prolongs the lifespan and delivers quality performance
  • If you want to achieve quality performance try to release the ball on heavily oiled lane patterns
  • The ball is designed to deliver exceptional hook potential
  • The ball faces issues with dried lane conditions
  • The ball requires constant maintenance

MOTIV TRIDENT ABYSS is one of the best bowling balls out there offered by motive. The aggressiveness is measured by high-end Coercion HV3 Reactive coverstock. It releases with versatile angles with a turbulent asymmetrical core.

The MOTIV TRIDENT ABYSS is built with a strong arc breakpoint reaction for enhanced performance. The Coercion HV3 Reactive coverstock with 2000 Abralon LSS factory Finnish makes it a champion on heavily oiled lane patterns.

The MOTIV TRIDENT ABYSS is one of the most potent bowling balls manufactured by Motiv ever. The MOTIV TRIDENT ABYSS clears the front lane and gains enough momentum in the mid of the lane. To strike the pins with great strength MOTIV TRIDENT, ABYSS restores enough power during movement.

4. Storm Physix

  • Comes with NRG high breed coverstock to deliver high-end performance
  • This ball hooks very smoothly to cater to both advanced and intermediate bowlers
  • The smooth movement down the lane makes it a great choice for beginners
  • Great ball for a house shot
  • In heavier oil lane conditions the bowling ball delivers quality performance
  • The bowling ball goes down the lane effectively with great momentum
  • This bowling ball doesn’t come pre-drilled you need to get it drilled locally
  • The ball needs regular maintenance and cleaning to preserve its reactivity

The storm has been manufacturing high-quality bowling products for many years to help out advanced players all around the world. The storm is keeping its promises by introducing smart and effective products every day.

The STORM PHYSIX is designed with NRG Hybrid Reactive coverstock with 3000 Grit Abralon factory polish finish for smooth operation. The 15lbs Physix features 2.48 RG, 0.53 dip, and 0.17 intermediate dip.

It is one of the most aggressive asymmetric bowling balls out there. With higher models and heavier oiled lane conditions, you get better performance from STORM PHYSIX.

Advanced bowlers take advantage of this bowling ball by using it on freshly oiled lanes. The ball allows you to throw it on the right side smoothly by getting on the left side. The STORM PHYSIX goes down the lane smoothly and restores its momentum to fight back.

5. Dv8 Pitbull Bark

  • It features a new generation DynamiCore
  • The Pitbull is constructed with Asymmetric Composite Fang Max coverstock
  • It delivers quality performance on most of the lane patterns
  • The Pitbull Bark is designed to deliver the most aggressive performance on oily lane patterns
  • It goes down the lane with great angular momentum
  • Pitbull Bark comes with 2 years warranty
  • The Pitbull Bark doesn’t come drilled. You need to get it drilled from a local pro shop

Pitbull Bark is ready to break records with its strongest coverstock and bigger core. This bowling ball delivers unparalleled performance with low RG and aggressive coverstock.

The Pitbull Bark is featured with low RG big DynamiCore with outer core just like Brunswick. This advanced technology is integrated to enhance the hitting power by offering less compression. This technology allows the ball to read the lane early.

The Pitbull Bark is engineered to handle more lane oil due to its strong cover. Due to its strong cover, it is designed to be used on heavily oiled patterns.

This is a huge beast that combines Composite Fang Max coverstock with a 1000 Siaair Micro pad finish. It delivers a low rev rate, high speed, and better hook potential.

6. Ebonite Choice Pearl

  • It comes with GSV-1 Pearl coverstock one of the most strong and aggressive coverstocks
  • Adapted and Modified High-Performance MOD-1 core from their One Series
  • It delivers a strong angular movement in the backend
  • Impressive pin action
  • An ideal choice for league or tournament bowlers
  • The ball does not come in all sizes.

Is it safe to say that you are searching for a bowling ball with mind-blowing execution and extraordinary variety? It features GSV-1 coverstock to deliver quality performance.

That is viewed as the most trusted and demonstrated coverstock in bowling.

It has given this bowling ball likelihood to take ball movement to a higher level.

Ebonite Choice Pearl is a force to be reckoned with for grinding with a forceful backend response. (Profoundly) has been adjusted from their One Series and altered to bring down the Intermediate Differential.

That will consider simpler length through the frontline and better continuation down the lane with a brutal pin activity.

7. Hammer Statement Solid Bowling Ball

  • Aggressive mid-lane and backend reaction
  • Aggressive Solid CFI coverstock ensures quality performance
  • An ideal choice for medium to heavy-oiled lanes
  • It comes with 3 years warranty
  • None

The Statement Solid is a vigorous, forceful bowling ball you ought to have in your weapons store. It has animosity and strong coverstock to deliver high-end performance.

The CFI coverstock makes more foothold than some other coverstock Hammer as of now offers. With an exemplary dash of 500/2000 sanded finish, this ball displays outrageous footing in weighty oil and keeps up with incredible continuation down the lane and through the pins.

The center is intended to fire up in the heaviest of oils.

In this specific Statement, Hammer has brought down the load in the square to put more mass underneath the midline.

That is the explanation the ball is more constant when it takes a different path down the lane. It peruses the mid-lane somewhat more grounded and gets to the pin without catching fire.

1. Hammer The Sauce Bowling Ball

  • Lower Revs
  • Controllable and balanced
  • Warranty for three years
  • Best on heavy lanes
  • Not good for dry lanes

The Sauce is a highly powerful ball from the hammer which has a carbon fiber coverstock that is lighter yet it is known for its strength. This is a great ball that can be a replacement for a stroker. The heavy oil lane surface is dominated by the Aggression Solid CFI that covers the stock.

The bowling ball provides excellent accuracy due to the balance of the core and the cover stack which is great for accuracy. As a stroker, you’ll want to make sure the bowling ball has all of the features you’re looking for.

2. Ebonite Verdict Pearl Bowling Ball

  • Great for medium and heavy oil conditions
  • Best performance features
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Accurate
  • Not Great for deep oil patterns

Look no further than the Ebonite Verdict Pearl Bowling Ball for superior performance from the start of the lane to the finish at the far end. The GSV-1 pearl cover stock and Justice Core pay close attention to the mid-lane and provide an excellent reaction in that area.

Providing both accuracy and traction this combo works perfectly which gives you the boost that is needed. From medium to heavy oil lane surfaces, the bowling ball is an excellent stroker ball choice.

This ball is recommended by many pros due to its low revs and a lesser hook. This ball is also great for beginners looking for a stroking ball. Both types of bowlers may build their favorite shots in the alley by mixing their styles.

3. Ebonite Maxim Bowling Ball, Black/Purple/Gold

  • Best for Straight Line Motion
  • Great Pinball action
  • Great as a spare Ball
  • Standard 3-piece core
  • Not a hard coverstock

If you want a ball that is controllable and does what you this is what you should be looking for the Ebonite Maxim bowling ball is ideal. After the release, the Polyester bowling ball always keeps its path. As a result, it is an excellent bowling ball for beginners who want to develop their skills as traditional bowlers.

The traditional 3-piece core also allows them to focus on learning the fundamental characteristics of a great stroker. Professional bowlers can use the bowling ball as a spare bowling ball.

The bowling ball is attractive due to its black/purple/gold color scheme. Due to that this ball is great for turning heads and is great for all those bowlers looking for precision.

4. DV8 Pitbull Growl

  • Heavy hitter
  • Durable
  • Best on Fresh oil conditions
  • not good at angles

This Ball is great for those who don’t want to give up it has so much potential to give as it has great firepower and it is a great investment. This ball has a very low weight and the pin underneath can give you a great grip. This provides you with the smoothest releases.

This ball is great for fresh oil conditions. It has a great starting performance out of the hand and gets you the results. This ball will get you the reactions that you want.

This ball provides a great hook even on low revs which is best when you are looking for fun. This ball requires heavy oil conditions if you want greater performance. This ball is often not that controllable on angles.

5. Roto Grip MVP Pearl Bowling Ball

  • Adaptive nature
  • Lesser hook
  • Strong character
  • Consistent
  • not best for beginners

For strokers, the Roto Grip MVP Pearl symmetrical vs asymmetrical bowling balls are perfect. It also performs very well when transitioning into the new lane which means this ball has a very adaptive nature.

When the oil lanes change their personalities, even the best strokers will lose their consistency causing them to lose the motivation of staying in the game. The lane’s character can shift from heavy to medium to dry, but Roto Grip’s MVP Pearl never deviates from its high-performance standards as the combination of its hybrid core is great and makes it adapt well to the lane conditions. With its hybrid Reactive cover stock and Neutron NXT weight block, the bowling ball is also a great stroker bowling ball for dry lanes.

Final Words

How To Choose The Best Asymmetrical Bowling Ball? An Ultimate Buying Guide

When it comes to buying the best bowling ball according to your skill level and bowling technique things get hard. A ball that is made for professional bowlers cannot be compared with a bowling ball designed for advanced players.

Therefore, I will teach you about the main factors that are necessary to be considered when buying a bowling ball with an asymmetrical core.

Consider these factors to choose the best bowling ball for you so that you make a wise decision every time.

The Hook potential

Hook potential is directly related to the internal core of the bowling ball. Therefore, you need to calculate the hook potential required to deliver desired lane performance.

Most aggressive bowling balls are made with high hook potential. The bowling ball that is constructed to absorb lane oil can produce more hooks than others. If you are an Advanced-grade bowler, you will need a bowling ball with high hook potential.

Therefore, along with the internal core of the bowling ball, check the hooking ability of the bowling ball you are going to buy.


The outer cover of the bowling ball is called coverstock and it is made up of different types of materials. The straight bowling balls have usually plastic/polyester coverstocks. On the other hand, reactive resin is also used to make bowling ball coverstocks.

Asymmetrical bowling balls are considered to produce high hooks therefore coverstock also combines the same properties. The coverstock absorbs excessive oil to produce an exceptional hook.

Factory finish/Polish

Factory finish plays an important role when it comes to hooking ability. Usually, Asymmetrical bowling balls are made with a high gloss factory finish to perform on dry lanes. Heavy polish when used on dry lanes offers straight motion.

On the other hand, if you want high hook potential try to choose one with high friction and low polish to use on heavy-oiled lanes.

Weight Of The Bowling Ball

People have different points of view regarding the weight of the bowling ball. There is a thumb rule also to choose the best weight of the bowling ball according to your body weight and physic. But you should choose the weight of the bowling ball that allows you to keep practicing without getting tired.

For example, if you don’t feel tired of throwing 10 pounds bowing ball after several hours then step up. Level up by adding pounds until you find the ideal bowling ball weight for you.

Outer Appearance

When it comes to asymmetrical bowling balls, performance matters the most. Mostly the asymmetric bowling balls are made up of high-quality outer appearance and graphics. The attractive outer appearance and graphics attract beginners and kids.

Recreational bowlers love attractive and versatile designs of bowling balls. But for advanced players, outer appearance doesn’t matter the most.


Asymmetrical bowling balls are often designed with high-end materials. The manufacturers use high-quality materials to prolong the lifespan of asymmetrical bowling balls.

But sometimes, manufacturers compromise on bowling material and focus on outer appearance. This can lead to reducing the lifespan of bowling balls. Therefore, I would recommend you consider a well-known and reputed manufacturer.


What Is The Difference Between Symmetrical And Asymmetrical Bowling Balls? 

There are two types of cores used in bowling balls symmetric and asymmetric. Asymmetrical bowling balls offer more control and smooth movement to beginners and kids. You get a better level of control and relatively straight shots using the symmetrical bowling ball.

On the other hand, an asymmetrical bowling ball offers an aggressive performance with high hook potential. It allows you to release shots with different angles to score maximum in single shots.

What Is The Best Hook Or Straight? 

Everybody has their own choice depending on their skill level and bowling techniques. The hook is always better as compared to straight shots as it increases the strike chances.

Beginners often choose straight bowling balls as they are easy to handle for them. Advanced bowlers often choose asymmetrical bowling balls to get versatile angular motion.

How Longer Does A Bowling Ball Can Last? 

A good quality bowling ball can last up to 300 games if constructed with good technology. A poor-quality bowling ball may get affected early due to poor construction. If you maintain the bowling ball you can prolong its lifespan.

Final Words

Final Thoughts About Symmetric Vs Asymmetric Ball:

You need to be careful when choosing a bowling ball for you. Your whole bowing ball career lies on two things, the right equipment, and the right technique. There is one more thing that needs to be noted. Every bowling ball is not suitable for every bowling technique.

For example, you have selective options for straight shots. You also get multiple bowling balls for hook potential and angular motion. Every bowling ball comes with unique core features and internal structural specs. Therefore consider every feature before making a decision.

Every bowler has his gaming style and concepts in his mind this review lets you know both symmetrical and asymmetrical bowling balls so you can better understand them and how they work.

Both these types of bowling have their pros and cons the symmetrical bowling is known for there balance and precision as they are easy and controllable and not that hard to play with but that does not mean that asymmetrical bowling bowls are not worth to game with.