Best Bowling ball for Wood Lanes

Top 5 Best Bowling Ball for Wood Lanes Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Welcome to this aticle, We are going to guide you about step-by-step Top 5 Best Bowling Ball for Wood Lanes Review and Buyer’s guide latest.

Playing a bowling ball game at wood lanes is a little bit tricky rather than the synthetic lane. Most of the people not aware of it they usually think every lane are the similarity to each other.

But professional players are well aware of all the lanes. Basically bowling ball game is a kind of fun and excitement where people compete with each other.

Nowadays the popularity of this game has been increasing day by day; some people like to play in their spare time but most of the people playing it as a profession around the world.

US, UK, Canada are the top bowling ball-playing countries where mostly this game has been playing. However, choosing the right kind of ball will help you a lot to perform well at the wooden lane.

On the other hand, if you’re a master in bowling ball but you do not choose the right kind of ball means your expertise and strategies could not benefit you to perform on a higher level.

So we always recommend to everyone to choose the right kind of ball. Below we have listed the 5 Best Bowling Balls for you that would be suitable on wood lanes.

5 Best Bowling ball for Wood Lanes Reviews:

1- Hammer Diesel Torque Bowling Ball

Hammer Diesel Torque

  • Durable and tough coverstock manufactured with solid reactive carbon fiber.
  • The attractive color combination and well-balanced ball that provide great consistency to the bowler.
  • Wonderful back-end reaction than the other bowling ball.
  • Do not use it on the dry or medium-dry lane as it can lose its effectiveness and reliability.
  • This ball has a little bit of hyper-reactive

The Hammer Diesel outer core has been manufactured with solid carbon fiber as it is the perfect mixture of hitting the strength and overall it is more durable.

They have updated their version from the previous coverstock, the old version was the hybrid reactive but now it has been modified in solid reactive version.

Despite being stuck in oily lanes, this bowling ball continues to float without sacrificing any energy. In fact, it gathers so much energy that it receives a good reaction on the back end.

The fiery and dark color combination of this bowling ball is quite magnificent that attracts most of the players. Now it has more torque and power than before. It comes in different kinds of weight which is 10 to 16lbs. Along with that, it will provide you 3 years warranty that make it more worth this ball.

2- Hammer Scandal/S Bowling Ball 

Hammer ScandalS Bowling Ball 

  • Coverstock has is from Semtex Hybrid CFI with great angular reactivity and durability.
  • With an asymmetric core, this ball is great at retaining, transferring, and finishing energy.
  • A highly aggressive ball will not overreact to either oil patterns or shot variances despite being extremely aggressive. The reactivity tightrope works perfectly.
  • The effectiveness of this ball is not good for the high-speed bowler; it’s only fitted to the low-speed bowlers.
  • This can be problematic when oil patterns shift from one form to another.

If you like to use a highly aggressive bowling ball then Hammer Scandal is the ideal choice for you. When it comes to looking for such kind of feature, there is no other bowling ball that can compete with it.

The coverstock of this Hammer Scandal ball has been manufactured with strong carbon fiber that makes it more durable than before. Due to the versatility and excellent features, the demand for this ball has been increasing day by day. Even it has more power retention when across the lane.

Being an explosive backend reaction, it provides better control to the ball that usually affects your performance. Semtex Hybrid CFI is used for the coverstock, with a finish similar to the original.

The mid-lane motion is so powerful as similar to the previous version but it is more pop towards its back end. Further, this ball moves perfectly well in an oily condition which is medium to heavy.

3- Storm Hy-Road Pearl Bowling Ball

Storm Hy-Road Pearl Bowling Ball

  • It comes in five different weight sizes therefore, the bowler can choose according to their skill.
  • Being a strong and excellent ball, it moves very straight at the lane surface with more power.
  • Very familiar due to the magnificent performance and extra durability.
  • There is no hole on the ball; therefore you can customize the hole by yourself, where your finger can be fitted more comfortably.
  • A little bit expensive than the other brand.
  • It creates problems for beginner bowlers to use this ball.

The Strom is one of the biggest brands in the market as they are manufacturing reliable balls for a long time so that is why people have more trust in this brand.

They have been improving and updating their ball version day by day to make people more satisfied and comfortable. The sole aim of this brand is to provide you the more result and maximum comfort.

This ball has been designed through the groundbreaking Inverted Fe² Technology of Storm that is why it moves excellently in a bowling alley. A 1500 grit polish finish is added to the ball’s R2S Pearl reactive coverstock.

However, this ball is more suited to the intermediate and advanced bowlers so they can use it to improve their skill level. With having a symmetrical core, it has more hooking potential to take the straight moves.

What I most like about this ball, it usually comes without any holes means you can drill the holes where your finger can be fitted easily. Even it is available in different kinds of sizes or weights that you can choose according to your skill and preference.

4- Brunswick Twist Sky Blue/Pink/Snow

Brunswick Twist Sky BluePinkSnow

  • It has a low-diff symmetric core and more length is available.
  • This bowling ball has a strong backend reaction to use on the dry wood lane.
  • This ball has plenty of vibrant colors that attract every bowler.
  • Any drill pattern can be customized on this ball.
  • The coverstock is more reactive than the other ball.
  • This is not a powerful and tough bowling ball for advanced bowlers.
  • It has been designed for the wood lanes so do not try it on dry lanes.

This Brunswick Twist ball is also the best option to use on wood lanes as it has more power to move perfectly straight on the wooden lane surface. If you have never used this ball before then you should try this time to get the magnificent experience.

The specialty of this ball is that it can be used by beginners as well; therefore it has plenty of amazing features to fulfilling your needs. Moreover, it has the R-16 Pearl Reactive coverstock that helps to maintain the balance and control of the ball.

Plus, if you’re a beginner bowler and had a problem throwing the straight ball then choose this one to make your moves more powerful and straight. This bowling ball is more reliable than you expect.

Playing at the dry wood lane is a little hard but through this ball, you can easily and comfortably hook them. This is the ideal choice for many beginners because of the ease of control.

5- Track Tundra Bowling Ball

Track Tundra Bowling Ball

  • This ball has enough power to control thoroughly when throwing at the lane.
  • Ideal and best choice for dry lanes.
  • It provides more length with backend controlled.
  • This ball brings lesser power when hitting the pins.
  • Not good for more oily lanes.·

This ball can be used for every lane condition, whether you’re bowling at the dry lane or oily lane, it will be performed well on any lane. Being an exterior and core, this ball gives the maximum control to throwing the straight ball.

Therefore, you won’t be faced with any problem with this ball. The excellent features of this ball it has a DR-4 Reactive Pearl coverstock and a Track Symmetrical core. Being a weak core design and lesser flare of the ball makes it easy to use at the less oily lane.

Buyer's Guide

What Do You Need To Consider Before Buying A Best Bowling Ball for Wood Lanes?

The Toughness Of The Bowling Ball

The wood-made lanes are much softer than the synthetic lane; therefore, at the wooden lane, any bowling ball can be used it. However, you don’t need to worry about damaging them on the wood lane.

On the other side, synthetic lanes are the best choice for many bowling balls due to their more durability. That is why we like to suggest you buy such kind of bowling ball that can be used at any kind of lane.

So durability is very important to see in any ball because less durability will not only damage the ball, it can be an effect on your performance as well.

Material Of The Coverstock

A bowling ball coverstock is very important to see in any ball when it comes to playing at the wooden lane. Although, the wood lanes are more beneficial than the synthetic lanes. Even a large amount of oil on the wooden lane can affect to control and moves of the bowler when bowling there.

Further, the wood lanes are not much quicker or harder; therefore, the bowler can easily play with any ball that has polyester or plastic coverstock and the bowler won’t feel any stress to losing control of the ball.

So before going to buy the bowling ball, you need to see that the ball has been wrapped with the durable coverstock or not, if not then do not go with this kind of ball.

Weight Of The Ball

The weight of the ball is one of the most important things that you need to see in any bowling ball as it decides you could easily handle it or not. However, if you choose such kind of ball which is very hard to control it can also affect your performance.

So you should always choose the right to weigh the ball which is more suited to you. If you want to create more speed with the bowling ball, then you should use the lightweight ball that is very easy to use on wood lanes.

For those bowlers who have a problem achieving their perfect length when throwing the ball, they should use the heavier ball for obtaining the right length. As heavier balls have more ability to perform better on the oily lanes.

Flare Potential

The flare potential plays a huge role in any ball when hooking the bowling ball. When the ball is thrown on the lane, it determines whether it is inclined to hook.

Normally Best Bowling Ball for Wood Lanes have higher friction and are softer; therefore, you don’t need to use such a kind of ball that hooks very hard. So every bowler has many options to choose the less flare potential ball without worrying about the control of the ball.

On the other side, if you choose the more hook potential ball it might be difficult for some bowlers to controlling the ball on the wood-made lane. In this case, you should go with such a kind of ball that has fewer hooks potential.

Final Words


In the end, we need to say that we have explained the full review of the 5 best bowling balls for wood lanes. All of them have efficiently designed for wood lane now it’s up to you which one you are gonna being choose.

Might be you know that wood lanes are a bit different than the synthetic lane. But this is especially for those bowlers who have been looking to improve their game so these balls are the ideal choice to enhance your game.

Through these balls, you can take your game to the next level, if you’re really serious about your game.


1- What kind of wood is used for bowling lanes?

Answer: There are two types of wood that have been used in the bowling lane which are maple and pine wood. The front part has been manufactured with hard maple and the middle part has been manufactured with soft pine wood.

However, after one or two years, both kinds of wood need proper maintenance. Today, many companies use simple overlays to protect wood surfaces from maintenance costs.

2- How to adjust the game when bowling on the wood lane?

Answer: There is some adjustment that you need to consider when your ball is hooking too much on the wood lane.

  • Bring your angel into your pocket.
  • You have to change your standing position where you’re about to stand in the middle of the lanes.
  • Your target should be as close as possible to the pins while passing.
  • Choose the slower reacting ball.

3- What bowling ball is best for wood lane?

Answer: Might be you know that wood lanes have more friction than synthetic lanes; therefore, the lighter balls could be more suitable on the wood lane surface. So choose the lightweight ball.

4- Do bowling balls come in different weights?

Answer: Yes all these bowling balls come in a wide variety of weights which is available between 6lbs to 16lbs, so you can choose any of them according to your skill level and preference which could be suitable for you.

5- How much expensive is it to get holes drilled in the bowling ball?

Answer: After buying your best bowling ball, you have to get it drilled where you would feel comfortable using it. The price of drilling the holes are varied, some shop takes the $30 but some of them take more than $50. So you will have to negotiate with them. Most shops usually charge just $30 to $70.

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