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7 Best Asymmetrical Bowling Ball Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to buying bowling balls people often don’t pay much attention to the internal construction. That’s might be for two reasons.

1: Beginners don’t know what’s essential to make a bowling ball perfect

2: advanced players run behind brands and never notice the internal factors

But if you want to get the maximum out of your bowling ball then you must choose it wisely. The market is full of top-quality bowling balls that are expensive too. But not every expensive ball is perfect for your playing style.

Every bowler has his own specific bowling style and techniques. For straight shots, you have specific bowling balls that are designed with less hook potential. On the other hand, if you love releasing bowling balls with various angles then you need a bowling ball with high hook potential.

Today, we will focus on bowling balls with high hook potential. In order to attain high hook potential, you need a bowling ball with an asymmetric core.

If you visit the market you would see plenty of bowling balls designed with different specs. Whether it’s an online market or an offline market you would see multiple options from popular brands.

Every brand claims to manufacture high-quality bowling. When you have a number of options you get confused. If you want to grab your desired product that matches your requirements then you need to do deep research on each brand and product.

That’s tiring and time taking huh?

No, the problem we are here to help you out in this critical situation. Our team of experts has done deep research and compiled a list of the top 8 best bowling balls with asymmetrical cores.

Read the thorough review to find your ideal bowling ball that meets your bowling style and requirements.

Top 7 Best Asymmetrical Bowling Balls Reviews:

1. Roto Grip Cell Fused

best asymmetrical bowling ball

  • Integrated with the nucleus core
  • Comes packed in a hybrid coverstock
  • The bowling ball goes down the lane effortlessly
  • The ball delivers exceptional performance on oily lane patterns
  • You can release the ball with multiple angles
  • You need to use the Roto Grip cell infused bowling ball on heavily oiled lanes

If you are looking for an aggressive asymmetrical bowling ball available in the market then ROTO Grip infused should be your choice. It is equipped with all top quality specs required to make it a superior quality asymmetrical bowling ball.

It features eTrax-H18™ (eTrax = Enhanced Traction) coverstock with 1500 Grit Polished factory finish. On heavily oiled lane patterns it delivers outclass performance.

Roto features an asymmetrical Nucleus™ Core and allows you to release the bowling ball at versatile angles. With versatile angles and lane traction, it delivers aggressive performance.

Since it has high hook potential, therefore suggested to use on heavily oiled lane patterns. The Roto grip cell infused bowling ball delivers outstanding performance on heavily oiled lanes. Without having oil on the lane you cannot get maximum out of your bowling ball.

2. Hammer Ripd Pearl

  • An aggression pearl CFI coverstock makes it a vital choice
  • Offers unparalleled performance on heavily oiled lanes
  • Offers great control while going with angular motion
  • Strong down lane motion
  • If there is no oil on the lane you won’t get the same performance

Hammer is one of the most popular and well-established bowling ball manufacturers in the market. The HAMMER RIPD PEARL comes with all aspects required to stand out in the bowling alley.

With Aggression Pearl CFI coverstock the HAMMER RIPD PEARL delivers unexpected performance on the lane. The bowling ball features Rip’d Asymmetric core that allows you to release the bowling ball with different angles.

Strength is shown when Aggression Pearl CFI coverstock is combined with 500/1000/3000 Abralon. It delivers exceptional performance on medium to heavily oiled lane patterns.

The HAMMER RIPD PEARL features high hook potential that ensures a heavy strike on the lane. This bowling ball easily reads the lane.

The HAMMER RIPD PEARL comes with exceptional strength due to Aggression Pearl CFI coverstock and Rip’d Asymmetric core. It’s a great choice for the house shot with 3 years of warranty.

3. Motiv Trident Abyss (Very Aggressive Bowling Ball)

  • It comes with the coercion Reactive Coverstock that prolongs the lifespan and delivers quality performance
  • If you want to achieve quality performance try to release the ball on heavily oiled lane patterns
  • The ball is designed to deliver exceptional hook potential
  • The ball faces issues with dried lane conditions
  • The ball requires constant maintenance

MOTIV TRIDENT ABYSS is one of the best bowling balls out there offered by motive. The aggressiveness is measured by high-end Coercion HV3 Reactive coverstock. It releases with versatile angles with the turbulent asymmetrical core.

The MOTIV TRIDENT ABYSS is built with a strong arc breakpoint reaction for enhanced performance. The Coercion HV3 Reactive coverstock with 2000 Abralon LSS factory Finnish makes it a champion on heavily oiled lane patterns.

The MOTIV TRIDENT ABYSS is one of the most potent bowling balls manufactured by Motiv ever. The MOTIV TRIDENT ABYSS clears the front lane and gains enough momentum in the mid of the lane. In order to strike the pins with great strength MOTIV TRIDENT, ABYSS restores enough power during movement.

4. Storm Physix

  • Comes with NRG high breed coverstock to deliver high-end performance
  • This ball hooks very smoothly to cater to both advanced and intermediate bowlers
  • The smooth movement down the lane makes it a great choice for beginners
  • Great ball for a house shot
  • In heavier oil lane conditions the bowling ball delivers quality performance
  • The bowling ball goes down the lane effectively with great momentum
  • This bowling ball doesn’t come pre-drilled you need to get it drilled locally
  • The ball needs regular maintenance and cleaning to preserve its reactivity

The storm has been manufacturing high-quality bowling products for many years to help out the advanced players all around the world. The storm is keeping its promises by introducing smart and effective products every day.

The STORM PHYSIX is designed with NRG Hybrid Reactive coverstock with 3000 Grit Abralon factory polish finish for smooth operation. The 15lbs Physix features 2.48 RG, 0.53 dip, and 0.17 intermediate dip.

It is one of the most aggressive asymmetric bowling balls out there. With higher models and heavier oiled lane conditions, you get better performance from STORM PHYSIX.

The advanced bowlers take advantage of this bowling ball by using it on freshly oiled lanes. The ball allows you to throw it on the right side smoothly by getting on the left side. The STORM PHYSIX goes down the lane smoothly and restores its momentum to fight back.

5. Dv8 Pitbull Bark

  • It features a new generation DynamiCore
  • The Pitbull is constructed with Asymmetric Composite Fang Max coverstock
  • It delivers quality performance on most of the lane patterns
  • The Pitbull Bark is designed to deliver the most aggressive performance on oily lane patterns
  • It goes down the lane with great angular momentum
  • Pitbull Bark comes with 2 years warranty
  • The Pitbull Bark doesn’t come drilled. You need to get it drilled from a local pro shop

Pitbull Bark is ready to break the records with its strongest coverstock and bigger core. This bowling ball delivers unparalleled performance with low RG and aggressive coverstock.

The Pitbull Bark is featured with low RG big DynamiCore with outer core just like Brunswick. This advanced technology is integrated to enhance the hitting power by offering less compression. This technology allows the ball to read the lane early.

The Pitbull Bark is engineered to handle more lane oil due to its strong cover. Due to its strong cover, it is designed to be used on heavily oiled patterns.

This is a huge beast that combines Composite Fang Max coverstock with 1000 Siaair Micro pad finish. It delivers a low rev rate, high speed, and better hook potential.

6. Ebonite Choice Pearl

  • It comes with GSV-1 Pearl coverstock one of the most strong and aggressive coverstocks
  • Adapted and Modified High-Performance MOD-1 core from their One Series
  • It delivers a strong angular movement in the backend
  • Impressive pin action
  • An ideal choice for league or tournament bowlers
  • The ball does not come in all sizes.

Is it safe to say that you are searching for a bowling ball with mind-blowing execution and an extraordinary variety? It features GSV-1 coverstock to deliver quality performance.

That is viewed as the most trusted and demonstrated coverstock in bowling.

It has given this bowling ball likelihood to take ball movement to a higher level.

Ebonite Choice Pearl is a force to be reckoned with for grinding with a forceful backend response. (Profoundly) has been adjusted from their One Series and altered to bring down the Intermediate Differential.

That will consider simpler length through the frontline and better continuation down the lane with a brutal pin activity.

7. Hammer Statement Solid Bowling Ball

  • Aggressive mid-lane and backend reaction
  • Aggressive Solid CFI coverstock ensures quality performance
  • An ideal choice for medium to heavy oiled lanes
  • It comes with 3 years warranty
  • None

The Statement Solid is a vigorous, forceful bowling ball you ought to have in your weapons store. It has animosity and strong coverstock to deliver high-end performance.

The CFI coverstock makes more foothold than some other coverstock Hammer as of now offers. With an exemplary dash of 500/2000 sanded finish, this ball displays outrageous footing in weighty oil and keeps up with incredible continuation down the lane and through the pins.

The center is intended to fire up in the heaviest of oils.

In this specific Statement, Hammer has really brought down the load in the square to put more mass underneath the midline.

That is the explanation the ball is more constant when it takes a different path down the lane. It peruses the mid-lane somewhat more grounded and gets to the pin without catching fire.

Buyer's Guide

How to Choose The Best Asymmetrical Bowling Ball? An Ultimate Buying Guide

When it comes to buying the best bowling ball according to your skill level and bowling technique things get hard. A ball that is made for professional bowlers cannot be compared with a bowling ball designed for advanced players.

Therefore, I will teach you about the main factors that are necessary to be considered while buying a bowling ball with an asymmetrical core.

Consider these factors to choose the best bowling ball for you so that you make a wise decision every time.

The Hook potential

Hook potential is directly related to the internal core of the bowling ball. Therefore, you need to calculate the hook potential required to deliver desired lane performance.

Most aggressive bowling balls are made with high hook potential. The bowling ball that is constructed to absorb lane oil can produce more hook than others. If you are an Advanced-grade bowler, you will need a bowling ball with high hook potential.

Therefore, along with the internal core of the bowling ball, check the hooking ability of the bowling ball you are going to buy.


The outer cover of the bowling ball is called coverstock and it is made up of different types of materials. The straight bowling balls have usually plastic/polyester coverstocks. On the other hand, reactive resin is also used to make bowling ball coverstocks.

Asymmetrical bowling balls are considered to produce high hook therefore coverstock also combines the same properties. The coverstock absorbs excessive oil to produce an exceptional hook.

Factory finish/Polish

Factory finish plays an important role when it comes to hooking ability. Usually, Asymmetrical bowling balls are made with a high gloss factory finish to perform on dry lanes. Heavy polish when used on dry lanes offers straight motion.

On the other hand, if you want high hook potential try to choose one with high friction and low polish to use on heavy oiled lanes.

Weight of the bowling ball

People have different points of view regarding the weight of the bowling ball. There is a thumb rule also to choose the best weight of the bowling ball according to your body weight and physic. But you should choose the weight of the bowling ball that allows you to keep practicing without getting tired.

For example, if you don’t feel tired of throwing 10 pounds bowing ball after several hours then step up. Level up by adding pounds until you find the ideal bowling ball weight for you.

Outer appearance

When it comes to asymmetrical bowling balls, performance matters the most. Mostly the asymmetric bowling balls are made up of high-quality outer appearance and graphics. Attractive outer appearance and graphics attract beginners and kids.

Recreational bowlers love attractive and versatile designs of bowling balls. But for advanced players, outer appearance doesn’t matter the most.


Asymmetrical bowling balls are often designed with high-end materials. The manufacturers use high-quality materials to prolong the lifespan of asymmetrical bowling balls.

But sometimes, manufacturers compromise on bowling material and focus on outer appearance. This can lead to reducing the lifespan of bowling balls. Therefore, I would recommend you to consider a well-known and reputed manufacturer.


What is the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical bowling balls? 

There are two types of cores used in bowling balls symmetric and asymmetric. Asymmetrical bowling balls offer more control and smooth movement to beginners and kids. You get a better level of control and relatively straight shots using the symmetrical bowling ball.

On the other hand, an asymmetrical bowling ball offers aggressive performance with high hook potential. It allows you to release shots with different angles to score maximum in single shots.

What is the best hook or straight? 

Everybody has their own choice depending on the skill level and bowling techniques. The hook is always better as compared to straight shots as it increases the strike chances.

Beginners often choose straight bowling balls as they are easy to handle for them. Advanced bowlers often choose asymmetrical bowling balls to get versatile angular motion.

How longer a bowling ball can last? 

A good quality bowling ball can last up to 300 games if constructed with good technology. A poor-quality bowling ball may get affected early due to poor construction. If you maintain the bowling ball you can prolong its lifespan.

Final Words

Final thoughts

You need to be careful when choosing a bowling ball for you. Your whole bowing ball career lies on two things, the right equipment, and the right technique. There is one more thing that needs to be noted. Every bowling ball is not suitable for every bowling technique.

For example, you have selective options for straight shots. You also get multiple bowling balls for hook potential and angular motion. Every bowling ball comes with unique core features and internal structural specs. Therefore consider every feature before making a decision.

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