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Threshold of Average Bowling Score and Score Calculator Professional

In this modern world of automatic scoring system, most of the newbie in bowling games do not know how to compute their average bowling score.

GoBowlingAlley.com tries its best to apprise the new bowlers about calculation of average bowling score. Rules of computing average bowling score in bowling are accepted as same universally.

We incite the players of the bowling especially new ones to know properly about average bowling scoring system to maintain your good score.

The primary purpose of a league or tournaments is to enjoy the fun of competition. Scoring a good bowling average will let you to accompany the teammates or friends in myriad events awarding prizes.

Minimum Threshold of Average Bowling Score

Almost all the bowling leagues, tournaments and events whether it is organized at local level or arranged internationally, set minimum threshold of average bowling score to decide the bowling handicap for single bowler or for complete team based upon the terms and conditions for the that league or tournament events.

Average bowling score will allow you to participate in competition against other bowlers having different levels of skill and abilities with same chances to win. The bowler has to score a minimum of 21 to enter into a handicap competition or to join a league having restrictions averages to enter into it.

Method of Calculation:

Addition of all the score of the bowling games together is necessary to find the sum total of the series. A series of three games is popular in most of the countries promoting bowling sports. If you score in a series of 03 games as 147, 149, and 151, your total bowling score will be 447 i.e. 147 + 149 + 151.

Divide the total of score of 447 by the number of games played by you in that series. Your average bowling score will be 149. It is considered as your per game score. Suppose your average score is 149.5, your score will be considered as 149 until and unless you play more games

If your average score is 147 for all the 03 games calculated in the league and you played five game more and score 750, aggregate of all pin fall will be 1197 i.e. 750+447 for all eight (08) games.

Average would raise to 149.63 based on total eight (08) games but league secretary will present you sheet of score showing average of 150 due to rounding up of more 50 in your point score..

Average bowling score may increase or decrease as the bowler carry on to play bowling every week in the league. This kind of procedure continues during the course of your league.

Accumulation of number of fallen pins and division of number of games play in the league is a proper method for calculation of average score. It is also called mean score. It tends to fluctuate rapidly with few games played in the start and reach to more stable position when you play more games.

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