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Amf Bowling Balls – The Top Secret of Them

AMF bowling balls provide you a solid move off the breakpoint and down lane motion. AMF uses the Numeric rating system which is designed to distinguish coverstock strong point. It performs great on oil medium and a perfect choice for novices bowlers. Stroker and Cranker like its core dynamics and reaction on medium oil pattern. It has solid reactive coverstock which handles the higher volumes of oil and provides more mid-lane motion. With this blend of box finish core and cover deliver you with lots of lengths before creating its way to the pocket. It establishes high traction opposite to the lane that makes it compatible with the high volumes of oil patterns.

Ninja Pearl SE AMF Bowling Balls reviews

Ninja Pearl SE is the commendation to the new Ninja SE as the lanes switch and breakdown. The Ninja Pearl SE, store energy to produce a perceptible motion of the friction at the breakpoint end to clean in the front of the lane. The pearl SE handles every medium lane condition or medium heavy conditions when the lanes open up. The AMF Ninja Pearl SE has the similar symmetrical Shredder core as the AMF Ninja SE. The dissimilarities between the two Ninja SEs come in the different box finish and coverstock. The Ninja Pearl SE uses an F70 coverstock and it develops the box at a 1500 grit gloss polished finish. It also provides you a lot more length and stronger move at the breakpoint.

Great escape:

The AMF Great Escape provides the next advancement in the AMF Escape series. The Great Escape has the Nonstop Flow Technology core identified as producing a robust mid-lane read with more aggressive F80 solid coverstock which will handle higher volumes of oil than the Unreal. This AMF massive oil monster tri-colored ball gives you 1500 grit sanded texture. It creates high traction in the front of the lane. Great escape is designed to provide a sturdy mid lane read than Pure and continuance down the lane. It gives stroll strength for heavy to medium heavy conditions with the NEAT “T” 4,000 grit finish. Great escape has the sturdy CFT Asymmetric core design which provides it with low RG, high differential, and an intermediate differential.

Night Hawk Stealth SEs:

The AMF Night Hawk Stealth SE is the up-to-date vintage ball to be revised for recent conditions in the AMF bowling ball line. The Night Hawk Stealth SE uses the aggressive F78 Solid coverstock that complete with the NEAT E pad, which is roughly the same as a 1500 grit polished finish. It has sturdy cover and rough box finish combined with the symmetrical weight block like Night Hawk SE. The increased traction gives this ball a total hook than the AMF Night Hawk SE.

Encore AMF Bowling Balls

AMF give a chance to their fans to have the new option for tackling drier lane conditions with the release of the AMF Encore bowling ball. This ball has Mallet Symmetric core, higher RG and a medium-low differential to the bowlers. Encore gave you aggressive F73 coverstock and polished at a 1500 grit sanded finish/This mallet core, and aggressive F73 pearl coverstock provided the more length and controlled look off the breakpoint. This ball is the ideal ball for bowlers seeking a medium to dry benchmark ball, or slower ball speeds bowlers who want a ball to preserve energy for the breakpoint.

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