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Air force bowling ball is a military-themed ball used by bowlers for sport. The ball is spherical and hard and it has 3 holes to carry it. The bowler ball is used to knock down bowling pins by players.

Air force bowling ball is specially designed for the military as its logo indicates. This is a customized ball and has a 100% positive review. To know more about this ball read out the complete article.

Air Force Bowling Ball Detail:

air force bowling ball

  • Military bowling ball for national pride
  • Enhance sport performance
  • Best for beginners as well as experienced bowlers
  • The high-quality polyester material is used in manufacturing
  • Cost-effective
  • Durable and maintain consistency
  • No major cons for air bowling balls have been found

Air force bowling ball is a newly made designed in the market with the military logo. It is specially designed for the military to exhibit pride and support for the best military force around the world. This bowling ball is customized and takes 2 to 3 weeks to manufacture.

This bowling ball is perfect for beginners to enjoy the gaming experience. The air force bowling ball is also best for bowlers who are best and have experienced in this game.

This bowling ball is made with polyester material that is known for its best quality. The ball produces friction and increases the angle of entry-level into the pockets. It goes straight on a lane to knock down pins. The weight of this bowling ball is 6 pounds.

Key Feature 

  • A customized ball with a military logo
  • Weight is 6 pound
  • Polyester material
  • Blue in color

We use standard ways to test the bowling ball to ensure the consistency and accuracy of the ball. The reviews of air force bowling balls are 100% positive. This ball is newly designed for the military and used by air force veterans who liked its look and design.

I would just say that this ball is perfect for the air force team. It is a unique way to appreciate the military. Its color, design, and logo are fantastic.

Beginners and experienced players both can use this ball. This ball is made with quality polyester material and it can make your sports best. Everyone can buy this and review this product.

Weak Points of Air Force Bowling Ball

This product is quite new in the market and they are customized balls so according to my research there are not any major weaknesses for this bowling ball.

It is mentioned that this ball is customized to maybe not many people have experienced it yet. Some people can find it costly because it is a military special design. It can be a weak point for those who do not have enough budgets.

Buyer's Guide

Guide to Consider Air Force Bowling Ball:

As a beginner, you should know how to consider the best bowling ball; for this read out this section. Select a bowling ball based on following these things: Bowling ball coverstock, weight, and durability. All of these are important things and the manufacturing of balls is based on the quality of these things.

Bowling Ball Coverstock

Ball cover is very important and it is somehow responsible for the vicinity of ball on-lane performance. There are mainly three types of bowling ball cover that are polyester, reactive resin, and urethane. Let us discuss them in-depth.


 Polyester is the most-known cover for bowling balls also called “Plastic”. It does not have enough hook potential the reason is that is polyester coverstocks are quite hard and slightly porous, due to this less friction is produced with lane.

Coverstocks are usually found on bowling balls that are used for casual recreational bowling. These are durable and long-lasting, and they are very easy to control. Top bowlers often use polyester coverstocks on their spare balls to convert them into straight balls.

This eliminates the need for powerful hooks. These balls are ideal for those who prefer to use them less. They are also very durable and can be used in dry conditions.


Urethane coverstocks were a revolutionary technology that allowed bowlers to generate more strike power by creating a more advantageous entry angle into the pocket. Urethane coverstocks are usually found on entry-level bowling balls. These balls are designed to help unskilled players learn how to throw a hook ball. They are a great alternative to polyester balls for this type of player.

Reactive Resin

Reactive resin coverstocks have changed bowling fundamentally. Reactive resin produces more friction on lane surface as compared to urethane coverstocks. It results in back end motion and the entry-level increases into the pocket that ultimately improved pins to carry.

In the market, reactive resin coverstocks are the most used covers for the high range to mid-range performance of a bowling ball. The reactive resin is further classified into three groups. These are reactive solid, reactive pearl, and reactive hybrid. All of these coverstocks are unique.

Reactive Solid

Reactive solids have microscopic reactive pores on the surface of the ball. Reactive solid coverstocks contain a polished and sanded finish that helps to control the friction surface.

Reactive Pearl

Reactive pearl coverstocks add sparkles to the surface of the ball. They produce high surface friction.

Reactive Hybrid

Reactive hybrid is a combination of reactive solid and reactive pearl. It takes benefit from both solid and pearl coverstocks. The reactive hybrid coverstock is found in polished and matte finishes.


The weight of the ball is also a very important thing to note down. The weight of the bowling ball should be 10% of the body weight, so you can carry it easily and throw it on-lane. If your weight is 150 pounds and the weight of the ball is 8 pounds then it would be heavy to carry it. Select your ball according to your body weight so it will be easy to lift the ball.


Polyester or plastic bowling balls are durable and also give a smooth surface. The balls with polyester material have less friction and also have hook potential. This material increases the ball’s durability and it can be a great ball within budget.

Remember that reviews can be favorable and unfavorable, they are based on subjective. Final thoughts about air force ball are clear and it is simple to say that this bowling ball is worthful for sports for new and old players.

This ball has all the aspects that other bowling balls have and even it is made with the quality of the material. Using this ball would be a nice experience for everyone.

Final Words


Bowling ball is one of the famous sports and it enhances fun and excitement. The sport becomes more interesting if you get your choice of a bowling ball. The bowling balls are made with high-quality material as well as a low-quality material for beginners and players.

In this article, you have read about an air force bowling ball that is super cool in design and looks. The ball is made with good quality material and it can be used by everyone.

According to our deep research, the ball is new in the market and we have found reviews in favor of this ball. Also, the information above has condemned that the ball is great in all aspects of sports. You can also buy this ball and share your reviews with us.


How to choose a bowling ball weight? 

Bowling ball weight should weigh 10% of your body weight. It will

be easy to carry the ball if the weight is 16 pounds, but if your weight is 150 pounds and the weight of the ball is 8 pounds then it would be heavy to carry it. So choose the ball according to your body weight. 

Is the Air force bowling ball only for the military team?

No, everyone can use this ball. This ball is designed to appreciate the national military and it’s our national pride. 

What is the best way to throw a bowling ball on a lane?

It is easy to throw a ball on the lane. The ball has 3 holes to carry it. Hold a ball with your fingers and thumb. While carrying the ball, keep your arms straight and swing the ball towards the ankle. Turn your hand and arm and release the ball without applying extra force. 

Do bowling balls soak up oil? 

The lane gets oily and when the ball is thrown on a lane, it sucks up oil. Coverstocks soak up the oil from the ball. Some bowling ball soaks up more oil due to different types coverstocks.

Which are the top bowling balls?

Top bowling balls include Hammer black bowling ball, storm electrify pearl bowling ball, elite star blue, pyramid path rising pearl, Brunswick rhino, Brunswick kingpin max, and ebonite Omni. These are some best bowling balls.

What is the price of an air force bowling ball?

The price of an air force bowling ball is $159. This is a customized ball.

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