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Are you a professional bowler? Are you a beginner but looking for opportunities to master your skills and become the top bowler? If the answer is yes then this article is for you. You know the basic requirements of bowling balls whether you are a professional bowler or beginner.

You know that due to varied lane conditions and oil densities you need to keep multiple balls at one time. The league bowlers have to keep spare balls as well to play straight shots.

Different bowling balls are made to perform on different lane patterns. If you are a beginner then research the balls and relevant lane patterns.

No matter what kind of player you are in short you need multiple bowling balls and a bag to keep them. You cannot just go to the bowling alley with 2 ball bowling bag or even 3.

The league bowlers need 6 ball bowling bags. So that they can keep all of their professional and spare bowling balls in one bag.

Top 6 Best Ball Bowling Bag Reviews:

There are a lot of 6 ball bowling bags available in the market. You can get one according to your preferences but make sure to choose the best one. Now when you have a lot of options, it’s hard to find the best one.

Therefore I have decided to do it for you guys. I have researched and selected the top three best 6 ball bowling bags available in the market. In this, through an honest review, we will try to figure out all the pros and cons of 6 ball bowling bags.

KR Strikeforce Royal Flush 6-Ball Roller Bowling Bag

6 ball bowling bag

  • This 6 ball bowling bag offers 7 years warranty that is huge among all the bags in the market.
  • It is constructed with 1860D fabric that ensures durability and protection from external jerks. It keeps your bowling balls and other accessories safe from external bumps.
  • The front-loaded design with a professional quality zipper function offers comfort and convenience.
  • The initial setup is a little bit hassle even after following the instructions. You can assemble the bag but it can take some patience and effort.
  • This bag totally depends on the quality of the zipper. If the zipper is faulty you cannot use it as can be destroyed. Whenever you buy this bag make sure you have checked all the components.

You will be happy with its durable material construction. It lasts longer than your expectations. The durability can be expected from its 5-inch urethane wheels and stainless steel bearings.

These wheels don’t make noise when you drag your bag and help to keep the environment as quiet as possible. The professional bowlers will love the luxurious aesthetics of this bag.

The serious bowlers will enjoy the luxurious feeling for a lifetime due to its remarkable durability. Moreover, its unmatched warranty and multiple compartments make it a unique choice.

Hammer Premium Six Ball Roller Bowling Bag

  • It is constructed with 5-inch urethane wheels and stainless steel bearings. The steel bearings reduce the noise and allow you to carry the bag with comfort.
  • You will get a luxurious experience with the additional pockets inside the bag. These pockets are constructed to help you keep accessories with ease. The strong locking handles are a pro on another level.
  • This Hammer bag is constructed with 600/1680D heavy-duty material. This material keeps your accessories safe from external bumps and accidents.
  • Its initial setup can demand very close attention and patience. If you don’t read and follow the instruction book you can end up messing with everything.
  • It can offer you a little bit of hassle of carrying and putting the bag down when it’s hard to roll it on the stairs or in other situations.

One of the most versatile and durable bowling bags in the market. Its multiple compartments allow you to keep your accessories safe. Also, its removable upper part allows easy storage and maintenance.

You can keep 6 bowling balls and other accessories comfortably in this bag. Since Hammer is a huge manufacturer of bowling accessories hence you can expect quality from them.

This bowling ball is one of the most cost-effective bags in the market available. Its eye-catching design and durable construction are a lot more than what you pay for.

Storm Rolling Thunder 6 Ball Blk/Gold

  • This bag has a telescopic handle that offers an easy and comfortable grip. You can grab and drag your bowling bag without getting fatigued.
  • The bag allows you to keep your bowling balls with ease. It also provides enough space to store all the bowling accessories with convenience.
  • The unmatched material quality of the bag promises 5 years warranty that is enough to build a successful career in bowling balls. Its entire construction supports the warranty years and keeps you away from all worries.
  • The bowlers with a height more than average can face a little bit of problem with handle height. Because it doesn’t extend enough to support the taller bowlers.
  • It is a little bit pricier than the above bags in this list. Though it is a healthy investment and it is worth each penny. But still, you need a handsome amount to buy this bag.

The storm is one of the most famous and trusted manufacturers of bowling accessories in the market. The storm has gained a lot of popularity and fame by offering high-end supreme quality bowling products.

This bowling bag is one of those high-end and superior quality products offered by Storm since then. This versatile and superior quality bowling ball bag offers you a unique and luxurious feeling.

Its durability and quality factors make every league memorable. You can keep your bowling balls and their accessories with care in this bag.


How to choose the best 6 ball bowling bag? 

Here are some key points you can keep in mind if you want to grab the best 6 ball bowling bag. The main difference between an average 6 ball bowling bag and a top-quality bag lies in its durability and convenience of use.

If the bag is constructed with durable and superior quality material then you are making your investments worthy. Otherwise, you will be wasting thousands of dollars.

If the bag material is sturdy then it can hold all of your bowling accessories with grip. You know that an average bowling ball weighs 10 to 12 pounds. If the bag’s material isn’t strong, it can get damaged easily.

The most important point you need to notice is that never compromise the quality of the bag over some bugs. Because if your bag is faulty you can lose your precious accessories like bowling balls that are worth more than this bag.

Also, the wheels of the bowling bag must be built with high-quality material. Because a 6 ball bowling ball bag is something you cannot hold in your hands. You can only drag it along the way. But if the wheels aren’t of high quality then you cannot think that how much pain you are going to go throw.

Focus on the warranty years given by the company. Because warranty of a products shows the confidence of makers on that product. Try to catch the bag that comes with a warranty of about 5 to 7 years.

After investigating the quality and durability factors you need to pay attention to its capacity. They must be capable of carrying your bowling balls and other accessories to the bowling alley with comfort.

It should have some extra pockets for additional accessories such as gloves and towels. Moreover, the zipper of the bag must be of high quality because it is the only thing that keeps your accessories securely fit.

Are their weight limitations to a 6 ball bowling bag?

The main 6 ball bowling packs a top bowler ought to be worried about have haggles worked to worry about the concern of 6 max-weight bowling balls in addition to adornments.

If the wheels are sufficient and the sack is made of enough extreme material, the general load of your heap will be to a lesser extent a worry than the actual space your balls as a whole and adornments take up.

It profits you not to attempt to overload your pack to where the zippers are stressed. While it’s far-fetched the wheels of a top-quality 6 ball bowling sack will break in such a case, you could cause harm to your zipper development and the general adequacy of your pack going ahead.

What is the most reliable material for 6 ball bowling bag? 

While your 6 ball bowling sack will probably have various parts made of various materials, a top-notch 6 bowling pack will probably be made of some kind of composite polyvinyl. Polyvinyl is utilized in the best 6 ball bowling packs on account of its mix of pliability and sturdiness.

Give close consideration to the string count, or denier count of your sack. The higher the string count, the thicker the material will be and the more extended use life your 6 ball bowling sack will probably have.

A solid polyvinyl sack will climate a wide range of natural factors, for example, ill-advised capacity or curious creatures who endeavor to chomp and hook at it. For such basic speculation for your bowling attempts, that is something enormous.

Final Words

Final Word

For beginners, it can be hard to understand that why they need to invest in a 6 ball bowling bag. But the professional league bowlers know the value of their bowling accessories. Therefore they can better understand the importance of portability.

The league bowlers have to taste multiple lane conditions to deliver maximum performance. Therefore they need a multi-ball bowling ball bag to keep their spare balls with care. If you invest in a high-quality bowling bag today, you can achieve excellent consequences the next day.

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