Cosmic Bowling: How can I Play in Bowling Alley

cosmic bowling

Cosmic bowling is a great fun activity having two pleasurable features, playing in the bowling alley and enjoying music. This is catered by myriad bowling alleys on weekend late nights. It is also known as extreme or disco bowling. It is a tenpin played under black lights, set to a thumping beat. These steps lead to, enjoy this bowling and ...

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Best Bowling Ball Cleaner And Way To Keep Bowling Ball Clean

Bowling Ball cleaner

The bowling ball should be clean for better performance like all other sporting equipment. The bowler has to use bowling ball cleaner or polish to keep the ball clean. Bowling score depends upon several factors. Bowling ball cleaner is one of them. The bowler can easily clean the bowling balls at home by using any of the following cleaners after ...

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Bowling Lanes: Comparison of Wooden and Synthetic

Bowling Lanes

There are two types of bowling lanes used in all kinds of bowling alleys according to the material used in them. They are either created with wood or synthetic material. The wood used for the construction of bowling lanes coated with plastic film or urethane which makes their surface softest especially when plastic coated. Conversely, synthetic lanes are harder than ...

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Best Bowling Technique to throw the Bowling Ball and Score Outstanding

Bowling Technique

The Bowling Game becomes more pleasurable as the bowler discover the bowling technique to aim the bowling ball. As you aim better, you knock down more pins thereby increasing the bowling score. This bowling technique is not so easy as you think. Naïve bowler thinks that He can throw the bowling ball easily and accurately by simply looking at the ...

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The Best Bowling Tips: How To Bowl Efficiently in Bowling Alley

bowling tips

Bowling is a game played in all ages. It allows the people to socialize along with participating in a little bit competition. The main point of success is the below mentioned bowling tips and guidelines. These bowling tips make to aware how to bowl while preventing from injury whether you are a casual bowler and competitors of a league. In ...

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Necessity Of Bowling Shoe And Why Personal Bowling Shoe Is Beneficial

Bowling Shoe

Bowling shoe is that special shoe which is worn while playing bowling. The bowler feels comfortable to wear it because it is lightweight, flexible and ideally designed to play bowling only. This comfortable shoe enhances the performance of the bowler. The essential characteristic which makes it different from other sports or athletics shoes is its unique smooth sole. The shoe is ...

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