House Bowling Balls – Why Most of the Newbies Use Them?

Most people start their first bowling game when they go open bowling with family and friends in the informal get-together. They get their rental shoes from the front desk for bowling and then instantly go towards the shelf of bowling balls that are freely accessible for practice by open bowlers. These balls state as house bowling balls. Bowlers stop playing due to broken nails, Hand fatigue and blisters but house bowling balls might be best choice long-term for these bowlers.

We’ll discuss some basics information about house balls in this article. If you’re new to bowling, this will hopefully provide you some useful tips you want to get the most out of your maiden games to any lane condition. Moreover, it will also offer you some extra knowledge on what the following steps perhaps for you when you’re all set to step up to have your bowling ball. Let’s talk for a while about why the house ball is your best choice if you’re going to start the game of bowling at beginner level.

Features of House Bowling Balls:

The standard features of the house bowling ball are as follows:

  • House balls are available in the bowling market in a wide-ranging of weights, usually from 6 lbs up to 16 lbs.
  • They are typically made of durable material while new house balls are polyester.
  • These balls come in many colors. In fact, color often becomes one of the primary features which use to pick a ball for leisure bowlers.
  • Their gripping holes have a whole variety of sizes to satisfy bowlers of all sizes and shapes.

How to select a House bowling Balls

Here are a few useful tips on choosing a ball that will give you an excellent debut on the lanes:

  • Select appropriate ball weight:

For grown-ups, the standard instruction of thumb for ball weight is to choose a bowling ball that is not over 10% of your body weight like if your weight is 140 pounds, then you can handle a 14-pound ball. Though, this instruction of thumb doesn’t work when it comes to house balls because they fit very poorly on the hand of the bowler. For this reason, experts would suggest you start with something a little lighter than what this 10% instruction.

  • Choose closely fits ball:

When you select a house ball, only consider two main fit parameters, i.e., the distance between the thumb hole & finger holes and sizes of the gripping holes. This range is called span. There’s not considerably fact in attaining too technical here; just you have to pick up a handful of balls. Attempt to find that house ball which gives you soothing feel in your hand.


Mostly bowlers strive when they try to gather an arsenal of bowling balls that suit their game. Just Use the free house bowling balls, get a soothing feel for the game, and then spend in your bowling balls if you ponder you need to join the bowling on a regular basis.

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