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Total Bowling -The Argument And Rules To Have Fun With It

total bowling

Total bowling is the name of getting maximum score in the game of tenpin bowling. The highest score a bowler can get is three hundred (300) in 10pin bowling. Total bowling emerges when a bowler throws twelve (12) strikes in a row. A frame is comprised of ten (10) frames. The bowler gets two extra […]

Kegel Bowling – The Fight Against It and Bad Secrets

Kegel bowling is a German game played in Australia, in which a bowler rolls a wooden or plastic ball along a smooth, hard-indoor lane. The main purpose of the game is to knock down the nine kegels at the end of that lane. Kegel Bowling has many wellbeings and societal added benefits. Finally, it should be fun. It’s the […]

5 Pin Bowling : Advent of This Game and Its Scoring System

5 pin bowling

5 pin Bowling is a unique form of the traditional game of tenpin bowling. In this game, the bowler has to knock down five smaller pins instead of ten with the ball having size fit in the palm of his hand. Presently, 5 pin bowling is very popular only in Canada. There are small centers that […]

Candlepin Bowling: Its Trends and Transformation in Modern World

candlepin bowling

There are several types of bowling game but candlepin bowling is one of the most popular forms of bowling. The general purpose of all kinds of ten pin bowling games is to knock down a maximum number of bowling pins with the fewest amount of shots. The goals are the same, but there are many […]

History of Bowling: Evolution of The Sports of Ten Pin Bowling

History of Bowling.

The history of bowling is traced back to the era of Stone Age. In this regard, the first proof of the game was discovered in Egypt in the round about 1930 by Sir Flinders Petrie, a British Anthropologist, along with his team. He found an object from the grave of the child which seems the equipment […]

Cosmic Bowling: How can I Play in Bowling Alley

cosmic bowling

Cosmic bowling is a great fun activity having two pleasurable features, playing in the bowling alley and enjoying music. This is catered by myriad bowling alleys on weekend late nights. It is also known as extreme or disco bowling. It is a tenpin played under black lights, set to a thumping beat. These steps lead […]

Lanes Bowling and Its Origin, Cost, Duration, Teams, Frames and Kinds

Lanes Bowling

Lanes Bowling is an indoor bowling game in which the bowler throw bowling ball on the wooden lane to knock down bowling pins. It is a leisure activity of great fun. Most of the people enjoy it with their families and friends and also arrange birthday and other parties there. About all the bowling lanes […]