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Bowling Split – How to be Successful in It

bowling split

Bowling split is a terminology of tenpin bowling in which two or more pins remain stand and away from each other after the throw of the ball by the bowler. The Basic Facts of Bowling Split While there are numerous fantastic programs offered for cropping an image or including a text overlay to an image, […]

Bowling Terminology: You Should Know To Become A Good Player

bowling terminology

Simply having knowledge how to roll the bowling ball down the lane does not make you a good bowler. To become a professional bowler, it is necessary to know the basic bowling terminology. A beginner bowler skipping this step may become confused about bowling. In case you do not know about a spare or a […]

Bowling Terms: A Detailed List to Understand Basics of Ten Pin Bowling

bowling terms

Bowling has some unique bowling terms like every sport. Every bowler must know these bowling terms to become a good player of bowling. Without knowing it, he cannot become a skilled and professional bowler. In this Articles, we will provide you a detailed list of bowling terms. Must read it to become a professional bowler. […]

Bowling Spare Becomes Important and Affects on Overall Score of Bowling

bowling spare

In today’s world of the highly competitive world, the importance of bowling spare has increased tremendously. It not only builds the reputation of the bowler but also enhances the average score in bowling. No one can score 300, the perfect one, every time. Importance of Bowling Spare It is an important adage that you take care of bowling […]

Spare Bowling Meaning and Tips to Become Successful in It

spare bowling

Everyone is going after bowling strike to score high but does not care about spare bowling. Even an expert bowler cannot bowl the strike on every throw. He has to give attention to spare bowling in order to maintain good bowling average. In today’s advanced level bowling world, every bowler must give due importance to […]