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Bowling Lane Dimensions: Why Bowler Must Have Knowledge Of It

bowling lane dimensions

Bowling is most liked and entertaining game all over the world. Bowling Lane is an Important part of It. In order to perform better in this sport, the bowler must judge bowling lane dimensions. Every bowler wants to improve his bowling for which he should be well aware of bowling lane dimensions and structure. Every […]

Bowling Lane Has Oil Over It: Its Reasons, Effects and Precautions

bowling lane

Bowling lane essential part of tenpin bowling game. It is the place over which bowling ball is rolled by the bowler. It has a specific structure and anatomy. Without judging it, the bowling cannot become successful. Availability of the Oil on a bowling lane decides which kind of surface it has. Reason for Existence Of […]

Bowling Lanes: Comparison of Wooden and Synthetic

Bowling Lanes

There are two types of bowling lanes used in all kinds of bowling alleys according to the material used in them. They are either created with wood or synthetic material. The wood used for the construction of bowling lanes coated with plastic film or urethane which makes their surface softest especially when plastic coated. Conversely, […]