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House Bowling Balls – Why Most of the Newbies Use Them?

house bowling balls

Most people start their first bowling game when they go open bowling with family and friends in the informal get-together. They get their rental shoes from the front desk for bowling and then instantly go towards the shelf of bowling balls that are freely accessible for practice by open bowlers. These balls state as house […]

Urethane Bowling Balls – Which One Is The Best

Urethane Bowling Balls

Urethane bowling balls were introduced by AMF in the bowling industry in an attempt to produce more friction and give bowlers enough hook potential than the old-style plastic cover stocks. Later, Hammer introduced the Hammer black urethane ball. Urethane bowling balls are known as entry level balls which deliver very controllable slide distance and a […]

Reactive Bowling Ball – Why Is It Most Useful?

reactive bowling ball

It has a urethane coverstock mixed with particles of resin which provide the ball a tackiness that amplified the grip the ball on the lane. Bowling ball manufacturers had made balls with the solid urethane compound in the past. The primary outcome of a reactive bowling ball is that it has enough potential to hook […]