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Bowling Ball Weight: How Much Heavy the Ball Should Be

bowling ball weight

Choosing the right bowling ball weight is not only important for the health of the bowler but also enhances his / her performance. Too heavy bowling ball may hurt the wrist, arm, shoulder, back of the bowler while too light ball makes it difficult for the bowler to score high. The ball should be neither too heavy nor too light. Bowling ...

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Cheap Bowling Balls: How to Buy Them And Their Benefits

cheap bowling balls

The bowling ball is an utmost important accessory of the game of bowling. but, most of the bowlers always try to find cheap bowling balls. This trend is due to several reasons. In the present-day changing scenario, the overall cost of the game has increased manyfold. Cheap bowling balls are very beneficial for the bowler. They are not only low ...

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Bowling Ball Reviews: Its Usefulness And Reliable Sources

bowling ball reviews

If someone is going to buy a new bowling ball in the market, it is recommended that he has to take a look at some bowling ball reviews before buying the balls. This is a good idea to invest some extra time into making sure you are purchasing the right product before investing a lot of money into that product. The ...

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Clear Bowling Balls: Its Inner Core and Comparison with House Balls

clear bowling balls

Bowling ball is used in 10 pins bowling game. But there are other kinds of balls available, which are transparent. These are painted in such a way that it seems there is an object inside. These bowling balls are called clear bowling balls. Comparison of House balls with Clear Bowling Balls Normal bowling ball normally has three holes in it. ...

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Custom Bowling Balls: Their benefits as compare to house ball

custom bowling balls

Custom bowling balls are too important to be used in the game of bowling. From a naive bowler to a professional, all of them prefers to have his own custom balls. They prefer to have at least two custom bowling balls so that one can be used for oily lanes and another one for dry lanes. One for the straight ...

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Bowling Ball Drilling: Factors to be Considered and Its Procedure

bowling ball drilling

Nowadays, bowling ball drilling is also considered one of the important tasks to play bowling. It helps the bowler by properly fitting their thumb and fingers into the holes of the ball. Before starting bowling ball drilling, several things to be considered. You must know the skill level along with the speed of the bowler. The artisan has to be aware ...

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