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Bowling Terms: A Detailed List to Understand Basics of Ten Pin Bowling

Bowling has some unique terms like every sport. Every bowler must know these bowling terms to become a good player of bowling. Without knowing it, he cannot become a skilled and professional bowler.

In this Articles, we will provide you a detailed list of bowling terms. Must read it to become a professional bowler.

Bowling Terms Relating to Ball

Backup ball: A backup ball curves left to right, for a right-handed bowler and vice versa.

Brooklyn: A right-handed bowler throws a bowling ball hitting the left pocket (1 & 2 pins) instead of right pocket(1 & 3 pins) is call Brooklyn. For a left-handed bowler, it is the opposite.

Heavy shot: A  bowling shot that hits too many front pins causing them to split.

Hook: When the ball travels straight and curve in towards the pins as it approaches the bowling pins.

Light shot: When the ball hit the bowling pins closer to the 3rd pin than the 1st pin for right-handed bowlers and vice versa, it is called the light shot.

Lofting: When the bowling releases the bowling ball high above the lane, it is called lofting.

Bowling Terms Pertaining To Strike

6 bagger is a bowling term. When a bowler throws 6 strikes in a row, it is known as 6 Bagger. Three to Eleven can come before this term in place of six. This Bowling Term is more frequently used.

Count: The number of bowling pins knocked over and added to the strike or spare from the last frame.

Double:  When the bowler throws two strikes in a row, it is known as double.

Hambone/clover/4 bagger): Four consecutive strikes is called Hambone.

Spare: Knocking down all the pins in two attempts.

Strike: Knocking down all the pins in the first attempt.

Strike-out: Three consecutive strikes in the last frame is known as strike-out.

Turkey: Three strikes in a row is described as turkey.

Bowling Terms Explaining placement of Bowling Pins

Bedposts or goalposts: The 7 – 10 split is known as bedposts or goalposts. It is very difficult to convert into a spare.

Big Four: Bowling pins 4-6-7-10 standing split is known as big four. It is also very hard to convert into spare.

Conversion: This term is used to describe a spare i.e. 7-10 conversion.

Field Goal: It is the miss in which the ball sets two pins wide apart.

Head-pin: The first pin of the bowling frame.

Pocket: This is an ideal area to hit and bowl a strike. For right-handed bowlers, it is This is 1 and 3 pins and vice versa for lefties.


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