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5 Pin Bowling : Advent of This Game and Its Scoring System

5 pin bowling

5 pin Bowling is a unique form of the traditional game of tenpin bowling. In this game, the bowler has to knock down five smaller pins instead of ten with the ball having size fit in the palm of his hand. Presently, 5 pin bowling is very popular only in Canada. There are small centers that are ready to provide the ...

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Candlepin Bowling: Its Trends and Transformation in Modern World

candlepin bowling

There are several types of bowling game but candlepin bowling is one of the most popular forms of bowling. The general purpose of all kinds of ten pin bowling games is to knock down a maximum number of bowling pins with the fewest amount of shots. The goals are the same, but there are many variations to the game. Candlepin bowling ...

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USBC : United States Bowling Congress And Its Sanctioning & Rules


In America, Over 3 million people play ten pin bowling. In order to control this huge crowd, the game is standardized. For this purpose, the United States Bowling Congress (USBC) was formed which is the governing body for bowling sports in the United States of America (USA). It was started in 2005 and flourished in winter bowling season of 2005-06. ...

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History of Bowling: Evolution of The Sports of Ten Pin Bowling

History of Bowling.

The history of bowling is traced back to the era of Stone Age. In this regard, the first proof of the game was discovered in Egypt in the round about 1930 by Sir Flinders Petrie, a British Anthropologist, along with his team. He found an object from the grave of the child which seems the equipment of primitive form of the ...

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Bowling Terminology: You Should Know To Become A Good Player

bowling terminology

Simply having knowledge how to roll the bowling ball down the lane does not make you a good bowler. To become a professional bowler, it is necessary to know the basic bowling terminology. A beginner bowler skipping this step may become confused about bowling. In case you do not know about a spare or a foul line, you do not ...

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Bowling Terms: A Detailed List to Understand Basics of Ten Pin Bowling

bowling terms

Bowling has some unique terms like every sport. Every bowler must know these bowling terms to become a good player of bowling. Without knowing it, he cannot become a skilled and professional bowler. In this Articles, we will provide you a detailed list of bowling terms. Must read it to become a professional bowler. Bowling Terms Relating to Ball Backup ...

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